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04-18-2019 at 10:31 PM
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Cancelled sub gets accepted

woh, can this programmer get any worse? i backed down and agreed to cancel my sub. now despite being cancelled it finally went thorugh. "wait" you say, "subs cant be cancelled anymore". well this was cancelled way before that, and despite being canclled lingered forever and now went through

@Jace Hall @admin staff can you not see how pointless adjudicating here is as long as the half wit programmers fucks everything up?

now i'm totally done. the programmer already made it impossible for me to review old submission, now whats the point of any submisions if our votes dont even count annd things dont even work?

this is absoultey absurd. at this point i'd rather you hire someone who does nothing. liiterally doing nothing and sitting on one's own ass is better than the constant muck ups this loser makes.

hey i got an idea, new track. most incompetant employees. guess who will win

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  1. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi Snowflake

    Even after cancelling the accepted votes on the subs were not changed .

    We have flagged this submission. It will be auto rejected in a few hours .

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    yeah, it was CANCELLED though, whether the accepted changed or not. cancels means reject despite votes doesn it?

    apparently it depends on what dice the programmer is using that day

    if adjudication invovles constantly double checking the programming and notifying admin whats the point. it makes me wonder, since votes are secret, what other scores got screwd up

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    oh, and i lost 500 pts for the accept, but now thats its rejected i got 3 points back for my correct vote. thats some great math for voting correctly. remove 500, but then give me my 3

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  4. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi SnowFlake

    The adjudication decisions are done by the services . When you cancelled this submission the cancel flag was not set on the submission ( this could be due to a server downtime or a network issue at the time)

    The services picked this submission as a normal submission and processed it

    All of your CR and SP will be recalculated from the beginning at 5 am .


    Admin Staff

  5. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    This was an excellent sign to just stop adjudicating all together and just vote on my own stuff, I submit a lot anyway so I'll be safely gaining cred little by lttle that way instead of getting frustrated by this nonsense of trying to help the site.

    Great move TG!

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