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05-03-2019 at 08:24 AM
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tomorrows int adv d&d stream

i've used the term "marathon" very loosely before for just some long play sessions, here its such a stress i wont even go that far. initially the plan was to "marathon" treasure of tarmin since that would take 5-7 hours and i could fill in the rest of the 12 hr stuff with just competing on a quicker modes

thanks to everything @TheWinslinator taught me in this thread i now know what took me 5-7 hrs can be done in under 20 minutes, and i should soon be good enough to at least do it in just a few hours

its too late now to come up with another game to "marathon" tomorrow, i'll still be sticking with this for the stream. i'm thinking i'll just use the 12hrs to keep replaying and tweak my score. also, sometimes people learn quicker from another beginner than an expert, so i'll of course be paying attention to the livestream and gladly take time out for a tutorial of everything i know.

i've had a lot of fun playing, discussing, and just thinking about and analyzing this game. after tomorrow though it'll be time to box it back up and move on to the next room. hoping to see some of you there and convincing others to give the game a whirl.

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    Lol, you're so friggin hardcore!(Compliment).

    Sorry for not getting more into the D&D stuff, I did kinda mean to, but first, my INT's are really not working, I WILL get another someday, but I just have too much on my plate already to "get to it" yet-not that it's not important, I love INT, but I'm just in the middle of "other missions".

    If it makes sense, I almost am turning a blindish eye, cause I worried with the first one that you MIGHT have been able to pull me off track, is easier for me to put off something if I don't think about it(duh...).

    But not this one, you nutball!!!

    I dug out the novel(I mean, manual)for this one yesterday, flipped through it a bit, and just put it back on the shelf, lol-I remember at least looking at the game when my INT worked and being completely lost.

    Glad you are having fun with these, you really seem to be caught up in it and having a good time!

    Good Luck!


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    Yes it’s quite advanced and good for the time period

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    did hard in 3 hrs. can i get it under 2 hrs?

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    honestly i feel thats pretty good. at this point even taking off 10 minutes will be something. the sub 20min speed run is just insane. i'm satisfied with this but i guess i got time for a few more attempts

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