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07-12-2019 at 10:50 AM
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back with tracks

so i'm back earlier than expected. I got pulled into enough things might as well be back. I guess though I can still try to be a little less confrontational for a while and see how that works out

anyway i put up speedrun d&d tracks for tarmin treasure if anyone wants to fund em partially

moment this one is funded i'll make derivates for all difficulties. I've very much enjoyed playing with the intellivsion speed run guys, its a great group of guys with a great atttitude over there. there'll be no issues wit "plagiarism". Heck the moderator of the board added one of runs early on that TG probably would've rejected and i didnt even submit i was just sharing, so there is zero sore loser 'gotcha' mindset there that you sometimes get here. they're just in it for love of gaming.

If you do donate please make sure to leave it at least 2 points unfunded as i want to give the main players a chance to get their names as founders as well.

i'm really happy about this, not just cause its a great game (its soooo good) but i remember conflict stuff with tg and speedrun, and lets face it, tg is small but has a big name. we need more members, and more alliances. the intellivision speedrun group is a great group to reach out to, and i think any connection with them will be really good for tg long term.

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    Edit: Sorry didn't read the post, was just clicking around so I donated.

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    Appreciated just the same swagers, fully funding was a very generous contribution.

    This does make for an interesting question and possible feature request though. so sorry to already be making special requests but (ug the tagging system is so broke not only does tagging two people delete all text between the tags, but tagging just one freezes the screen so just hopefully someone in admin will read this) here goes

    since i copied the rules from speedrun, it would be nice to find a way to give the moderator over their credit. Any chance you can just add him (he's a member here too, winslinator) and give him appropriate credit?

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