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08-03-2019 at 11:33 AM
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Does any record exist of which scores ref rounded?

I'm thinking how we look at impossible digits for score disputes. but between suggestion to round scores, as well at least two examples i know of where scores were rounded by the refs, is even impossible digit grounds for a challenge anymore? granted rounding is more likely to end in a 0, and 0 is the one number thats almost always possible, but stil it raises the point that if referres were sometimes ok rounding/guessing final digits then how can we dispute anyting unless we first rule that out?

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  1. Ninglendo's Avatar

    Why dispute anything? Nothing ever gets done. There is really simple open and shut cases in the dispute forums that have been there for over a year. A game that doesn't exist, scores with impossible digits, scores that used continues, etc. Then if something actually gets done they usually screw it up or come up with something laughable. The most hilarious one so far was the handling of the Robotron score. The guy flat out said he he didnt do it on one credit so what does TG do? They create a new track called "Score Stitching Allowed". Utterly disgraceful. Like most things on this site the dispute forums are being neglected.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    thats true they are being neglected. will fight urge to argue about robotron. they removed squidsearch at least :) but yeah plenty of issues. just now that i'm aware though by reading some old forums that the rounding idea wasnt just spur of the moment suggestion, but actually did have precedent and it gave me a whole new shock or even lower levle of respect for pre-tgsap, something i didnt think was possible. but, looking for a silver lining, cause if the rounding cases were documented, and we knew exactly which ones were rounded, then we could rule that out as the case for the other ones.

  3. Desidious's Avatar

    Just ask RTM. I'm sure he has all evidence.

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    I was hoping it was actually documented comprehensively somewhere. I dont like going by memories that can prove unreliable years later. still you might be right, we might have to settle for case by case memories. memoreis arent proof but they're at least a starting point

  5. datagod's Avatar

    Some disputes are closed, although for the wrong reasons. May I remind you that Triforce's leechfest was decided to be allowed (after private messages between Trifarce and the commisioner).

    Corruption and Collusion of the highest order.

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  6. Tompa's Avatar

    Too bad we'll never know for sure about rounding errors, human errors or flat out cheated or even non-existent records.

    Just "grandfather" everything without any evidence in some locked leaderboard. Get rid of the past, enter the future.

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  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    As much as I agree due to the horrible corruption and collusion in the old database a split makes sense jace will never agree. Also a lot of long term members who are innocent as well as the few honorable refs don’t want their real work lost. So best we can do is try to work with it and identify the most egregious issues

    Restoring the logs of who verified what would go a long way too. Since honorable ref verified scores are clearly more trustworthy then scores verified by refs who have since been proven to verify fake scores

  8. Tompa's Avatar

    Yeah, I know Jace will never do that. Nor will he ever rewrite the terrible global rules either, or game specific ones. TG will forever be filled with arbitary stuff.

    Yes, I see the reasoning behind it, "Unfair" and whatever. It's already not a fair playing field when new submissions have different rulings to old ones. That an old run can stand without a single piece of evidence or proper verification, while a new verified run will become invalid if the video link to it is gone (As it should be).


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