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08-19-2019 at 09:48 AM
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feeling the love

As i read through learning 6502 and seeing so many other post about what they know and swapping notes i am just adoring it. Sometimes the process of learning is and of itself a fun thing as it builds friendship. I almost think it would be bad to be too smart cause if you were too smart you'd never need help and never build the friendships. i think of how many study groups in college turned into friends and i'm feeling that here.

maybe i was wrong, maybe the scoreboard isnt the main thing. dont get me wrong, you still need it. with a corrupt scoreboard you do eventually lose members. better to swap notes and make friends at a location with a good scoreboard than to swap notes and make friends at a locatoin with a bad one. but yeah, i can play games by myself and record my own scores on notebook just fine. what i cant do alone is learn and find the resources i've been getting here.

absolutely loving the collaboration. and its not even centralized! we just all make our own posts about it and evolve of each other. marvelous.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    To me Twin Galaxies is a community. A community brought together by a score board, for a scoreboard, and of the scoreboard.

    I too am liking the new energy. Not only to people play video games, some community members actually know how to MAKE video games, dissect video games, decode their machine instructions, etc.

    Talk about dominating a game! Rip open its source and discover the secrets!!

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    It's funny that it was the history that made me learn about this website and the disputes that finally got me to participate.

    I did enjoy the technical aspects of the bigger disputes and the work that went into finding out things about some of these games. I think ripping games apart and seeing how they work is a step in the right direction in this community, I'd also like to see live competitions like what TG tried to do at TGFest.

    As for Dragster, I could have picked any game to disassemble but I still want to get the world record for that game so taking it apart will allow me to understand not only the game, but develope skills to make me a better programmer and eventually the means to make my own game for the 2600.

    There are things Activision did with games no one else had thought of, and I always admired the quality of their games, anytime I seen an Activision game I made sure to grab it. So Activision has a special place for me I didn't know was there.

    Also you convincing me to do this made me realize I have a natural gift as a programmer. I had no idea how good I was at it until I started looking at this ROM. So thanks for that.

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    taking a risk and sincerely hoping @GregDeg shares my sense of humor and doesnt get offended

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