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09-26-2019 at 08:28 AM
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Photo at the purrfect time

  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    nova the black one climbs my neo geo all the time. aurora the white one never does. so i was shocked to hear a hiss, and look up and see aurora on top. nova didnt like aurora taking her spot. they both raised paws as if to fight for it, i went to take a photo, and instead of catching the fight caught this even more perfect scene

    side note: i've given up trying to fix my neo geo. next drinking weekend i'm conscripting my buddy to help me carry it downstairs and i'll be putting it on craigslist for dirt cheap.

  2. datagod's Avatar

    I would love to have that cabinet. I have a big 6 way. This one looks like a 3/4 high one? What is wrong with it?

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    well i was lied to. i was told the monitor worked but was on its way out. so i figured it would be a perfect start for me. play it a little, then recap

    upon reviewing everything no way it ever worked. when i got there, i was led to believe it just got worse in storage and got the price down to $300 as result. however, between having no plug (easy enough to buy one), the board itself not working (i've been informed it might just need a longer 'warmup' so i'll try that), and a recap, plus a hot replacement not fixing the monitor, this is hardly a beginner project

    the monitor is down stairs. the cats love i leave it out as that allows them to jump in through the back, climb around,get on front and jump on top

    I should list it as a cat jungle gym, its probably worth more that way.

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  4. datagod's Avatar

    Well, if your cats enjoy it, it is worth it. When left in storage it may have been visited by mice. My cats do the same thing. They love going inside the cabinets which is kinda scary when I leave one on and forget to close the back door (I was adjusting the screen).

    One thing I know for sure. There is a very special type of joy it comes when putting hands on one of these beasts and getting them up and running. My Neo Geo came with everything functioning but no cartridges. Instead the dude had a 191 game "Happy Fish" card, which is kinda terrible. Horrible scratchy sounds. I disconnected it and hooked up a windows 10 computer in order to play MAME and submit scores to TG. That worked for a while, but Windows 10 is a ***** when it comes to multiple monitors using different graphic cards. I gave up on having to fiddle with it, and put in a card I bought from Marcade. Pandora's Box 5, 999 games. Ideally I would throw in a raspberry pi 4 with all the neo Geo games, but I only have so much time, and this was a quick fix that plays my favorite games great.

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    i probably got 90% of my possensions under the age 25. i since learned since i never throw anytihng away to just buy alot less. its been working. however much of my hoarde is still at my parents house. i recently picked up another big container of my old stuff. gotta make room. the cat gym needs to go.

    besides they got a whole house to terrorize. i feel alittle bad taking this toy away from them, but theres still the machines downstairs to climb on, not to mention two cat trees.

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