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12-11-2019 at 11:50 AM
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sad panda, my tron solar sailor dont work

that it. just a strictly social post with no real substance. i'm going through the intellivsion games. accordingly to wikipeida theres on1 sports voice, and 4 others. i have all the other 4. its the reason for my earlier post about b-17 bomber. sigh, i was looking forward to solar sailor. space spartans works though. and i have two copies of bomb squad at least one of which works.

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    haha! i cant believe this works. the last several days i left the cart in for hours to see if "warming up" would help. i've also tried cleaning. nothing worked. guess what, after like 4 hours today, i just hit reset and its warmed up. it works. i dont get it, makes no sense. i've seen this with atari carts too and the voice module itself. once you warm it up you can leave it off for months even and it'll be fine. but something about being dormant for decades takes hours of warming up. i'm at a complete loss to understand the science, all i can say is multiple times its worked

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