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02-24-2020 at 08:55 PM
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Should i be naughty and make some tracks?

  1. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Did you say "naughty?" hmmmm :P

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    This is a test please ignore....

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    update: i will make tracks. thinking of doing it with derivatives though simliar to how people used derivtes for the xxx in 1 boards and just put the rules in the title. i'm not a fan of that, but its been established long enough i'll go with the flow and it does have some benefit here since "plug n play" family is the platform so doing it with derivates would have the benefit of grouping the intellivision games together.

    since jace is in this thread a chance to plug a feature i'd someday like on platforms -- levels of granularity. plug n play is a platfrom sure, but each plug n play device could be a sub platform with games under them. things like splitting ntsc/pal could be sub platforms you get the idea

    back to topic at hand. the games i was warned were reprogrammed, not emulated, reprogrammed, so in otherwords horribly ported even though a screenshot may make it look like a good port

    skiing is horrendous. shark shark is too easy. i wanna play through all before i decide how to do the tracks, but the tracks will happen ;)

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