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04-29-2020 at 09:12 PM
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Frogger and Tourettes

So i made a post about galaxian being disadvantageous with tourettes, but with frogger its amazing and works so well

The key being, tourettes, like an itch, you have some limited control over in that you can choose to delay but have to give in. Frogger has ALOT of spots where you're just sitting on a log waiting for it to be in position. all those brief pauses are moments to let out a quick tick here and there. absolutley fantastic

naturally this would mean frogger is great for anyone dealing with something that they can delay. an itch being the perfect example. suffering from a rash and just cant focus on a game? maybe frogger is the game for you.

got me thinking that other issues might result in certain games being better or worse. It might be worth compiling a list of games that people with issues simliiar to each other can swap notes and figure out which games their issues limit the least.

i dont wanna use the word 'accesibility' as that can be misinterperted as me shaming developers that dont have games as accessible. not my goal at all. i love all games. not everyone can be good at everything and thats fine. my goal here is finding ways to compile lists of games that are more accessible to some people than others

i would imagine flashing lights/seizures, while not an issue i suffer from might be another good example just off the top of my head where lists of games that do the least harm and most harm would be good. again, please dont get offended i am absolutely not talking about criticizing the game, just talking about providing helpful info for those who can benefit


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    i'll start.

    Excellent for tourettes:
    Frogger - the water area
    lode runner -- between each level is a pause. also the game has a lot of "active waiting" that is to say part of the strategy is often to stand in spot and wait for the enemy to respond accordingly
    Carnival - while the bullet is moving you have a brief moment where you're just waiting. also, at least for me i know i'm not as active as i could be and i sometimes prefer to stand in position waiting for the enemies to line up rather than darting around everywhere. that wait is also pretty convenient.

    Tapper -- disclaimer, this is ONLY true at TOP LEVEL play. Alot of the strategy in Tapper at top play involves counting as planning ahead. you need to focus while making the plan, but while enacting the plan you can look away. this is ideal for any twitches which prevent you from looking at the screen. eye rolls, head jerks, you name it.

    Q*Berts Qubes -- similiar to tapper, only true at top level play. Alot of planning and then mindlessly enacting your plan.

    Terrible for tourettes:
    Atari 2600 galaxian -- never a moments break. the game isnt that hard in theory, but it just never lets up for an instant. on the bright side, whats worst can be best. if youre trying to practice control this sure pushes you.

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    Good for Tourette's

    -Wii Golf

    Bad for Tourette's:

    -Guitar Hero

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