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06-28-2020 at 08:37 AM
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atari paddle (kaboom) question

So my main focus of this is kaboom but its a paddle question across the board

I do have one pair of paddles that works. I'm pretty please i could use paddle 1 and not have to use paddle 2 for a 12k score on game A i'm proud of. The fact the paddle could handle the level shows how under control the jitter was. I then went for the game B score and only last 1.5 hours for 1/3 of the max out million. the controllers slowly suffered in quality, however game B is so easy honestly i cant blame the loss on that, i think after 1.5 hours i just lost focus oh well

thing is though, that mere 1/3 the maxout completely messed up the controllers. also i looked up potentiometers on line, it looks like i'd have to do more than just soldering i'd have prepare to some damage to the paddle's shelf itself to make the available pots work and i dont like that. thinking of finding my few good contoller 2s, unsoldering the pots and putting them in controller ones

anway all that build up is to this question. for kaboom (or i suppose any other long game, though i played cirucs atari 3+ hours and didnt have an issue....) do you actually swap paddles mid game? do you purposely take breaks, maybe overheating or something? i dunno, just speculating. basically, are there any special precautions you have to take when doing a kaboom maxout?

@GregDeg very interested in your answer

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    I’m having the same issue you’re having with your paddles. After cleaning them they start to jitter after a few hours of use. Giving them a break doesn’t seem to help. The issue seems to be in the number of times they are cleaned. After so long the connections will wear out with either usage or the chemicals you’re using to clean them with. These paddles are nearly 40 years old. We’re lucky they lasted this long.

    Before my max-out I had an extra set of working paddles on stand-by just in case of equipment failure. Fortunately I never had to swap them out. You may need to get two extra working sets if you plan on playing for more than 4 hours.

    What are you using to clean the potentiometers with? BTW, never use Acetone!

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    thanks. two poinst

    1. i think you may have misunderstood my question about giving it a break. I dont expect giving it a break to heal it, i wonder though if it would reduce damage. you know, 2 hours in a row may be worse than 2 hours at different points. the first hour is under less heat than the second hour, so maybe the additional heat of later in the session does more damage per second than the beginnig. and if thats the case, maybe pacing it out would help
    2. ever since the nintendo cleaning kit said just use water, i went with that. i of course dry it, and then further leave it for quite a while to air dry as well. i know people are gonna judge me for using water but nintendo told me to ;)

    oh and losely related to point 2, people that clean the paddle by squirting grease into, worlds biggest aholes. I hate opening a jittery paddle just to find i have all sorts of grease to clean out. when i see people suggest it as a fix i'm like "listen up here jerk wad, its people like you that break the paddles then sell them to a used store where a poor sap like me has to undo your 'fix'"

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    I wasn’t suggesting giving it a break would heal it, quite the opposite. If your paddles are anything like mine, it doesn’t take usage to cause them to jitter. Over time the jitter just comes back on its own. As far as reducing damage by changing the amount of time between usages, then it’s easy to say the damage is already done. If your paddles jitter that bad with any sort of use after cleaning them, then the paddles or internal parts need to be replaced. Reducing the friction (heat) won’t make a difference.

    Water is the safer option to use over any chemical in this case.

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    have you repaired the internals, like actually replacing the pot?

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    I just thought I’d jump in here, only because I finally decided to get a set of paddles.

    I got them from Best electronics

    There is some information lower on this page about paddles

    I haven’t tried them yet, but when I read the article I was sold.

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