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08-19-2020 at 05:24 AM
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Personal update

So while playing game and watch some time back, in order to be on camera nicely visible, the way i was holding my arms wresteld my left forearm on the edge of the deck. "Injure" is a strong word, but the pressure, while not hurting me immediatley, became more obvious when i weightlifted. now when i exert myself i can feel pain in the exact spot where my arm wrested. As such even though i feel fine most of the day, i dont want to play game & watch on video until i'm 100% healed -- again heal/injure are too strong a word, 99% of the time i dont even feel it, but also 99% isnt good enough.

i got no proof, this is a casual personal post, i did cross 2000 on game b, it was like 2004 or 2006 definitely not even 2010. I do still play, just not in front of camera, i play holding my armgs comfortably keeping practice up. So still loving game and watch and still planning on making a comeback on it.

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