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08-26-2020 at 09:55 PM
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gave enduro another try

i used to love it as a kid. Would finish the 5th day, get the trophy see that as "winning" the game, and reset and do it all over. Tonight was my first time in decades, only made it to end of day 4, but thats fine, plenty of time to regain my childhood skill.

i will say fellow enduro fans need to try colecovision turbo. i'm not embarassed to admit i never knew of turbo until wreck it ralph, and even still i thought it was a made up game till i saw it on colecovision. turbo is delightful, my score there is 4 hours that i thoroughly enjoyed. i played enduro first, and often times we like whatever we saw first,best, but i can honestly say turbo is better, enduro is still great though

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