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09-27-2020 at 05:47 PM
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Anyone else notice?

I just noticed today. The graphics on the freeways label are significantly worse than the graphics in game. odd choice. odd choice wondering if anyone knows why

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  1. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    I remember reading somewhere that the photography back in the early 80s was too underdeveloped (no pun intended) for transposition onto paper copy (like labels, boxes, and manuals), so all of the graphics you see on the media are hand-drawn and colored. The artists were probably instructed to limit the amount of like colors to save on printing costs. Cheap bstards LOL

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    ah yes i came across that in some old magazines, it explains why you sometimes see things in a "screenshot" that are never in the game. i also had a cousin who was an artist and his real world art job was to draw pictures of groceries for the flyers.

    newspapers with real photo certainlyexisted though as did encyclopedias and others books, so it couldnt have been impossible, just expensive?

    also the color limiting makes sense. freeway label is red and all cars on the label are red, so yeah i guess it does look like an intentional limiting of colors.

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    oh to qualify my above statement though, the concern wasnt about photography in general but screenshots in particualr. screens always have a refelction or glare, or something like that. especially a screen with a lot of black in it cause have issues.

    as a side note i read that was one of the issues with kok, that it faked some of the billy footage, presumably with copies of the real footage, so that there'd be no glare or reflrection or things like that

  4. Barthax's Avatar

    I doubt there was any created technology in the early days of Atari 2600 to perform a physical print copy of the screen either and no screen capture process like we have through emulators of today.

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