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10-06-2020 at 12:04 PM
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minor temp esi bug found

i've been enjoying seaquest (planning a soon trivia post on that and a strategy post as well) and had two subs in the queue. used to be, if you had multiple subs, when one went through you get esi for all of the pending ones as wells radicallly giving your wayyyyy more esi than should be possible. that bug has been fixed it would appear but replaced with a smaller one. my lower sub was approved but i received esi for the higher score sub. so it would appear when one sub goes through, if you have multiples for same track, you get esi for you best pending sub, not the sub that was actually approved

not a big deal, this will presumably resolve itself when my better sub goes through, just thought i'd share.

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    Hey @admin staff can u fix?

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