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11-04-2020 at 03:24 PM
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Time for a tunnel runner strategy post

i was gonna quit this game, then steve motivated me to keep going, now i'm stuck half way between obsessing over a game i hate but i also kinda comgin to like it. so heres the shortest view of tips i have for now and lets see if anyone can build on it for me

1. the instruction booklet has a few mistakes, you need to find the add on. lives are at 5k, 15k, 25k,... not every 1k and some other wrong info i'll cover incidentally as part of other points with no need to mention the instructions error
2. keep in mind later on maps have differing pieces of infomation, for me by far the most important thing is location of the zits. if you dont know where they are you can be surrounded with no hope, whereas key position or key can be solved with notes (not even needing to memorize just a quick note) and your location will lets make a point for that
3. learning how to map and figuring out where you are on it. this is a pretty quickly aquired skill but can be annoying at first. look for unique things. long corridor. dead end facing a partiuclar direction. a hallway with an exit everywhre possible versus sperad out. there are ways to just walk around a few steps and determine based on that where on the map you are.
4. learning how to keep you sense of direction in a first person. this can be difficult as most of us are used to 2d overhead, but it comes quick. also keep in mind the game does have the compass.
5. back to referencing levels where the map doesnt tell you zit location, keep track of those and skip them by using a doulbe door on the prior level not the single door -- remember double doors only work if you first look right at a single door while holding a key but choose to skip it.

6. The grey zit ALWAYS starts where the key is. this has two effects
6a. you actually dont want to get to the key to quickly as the zit could stil be there and working towards. most of the time you want to get to the key as quickly as possible but on a few levels you'll learned you have to take long the route to get it from the other side, or you have to purposely go slower just to give the zit time to leave.
6b levels you dont have notes on yet that dont have location of key you can deterimine by at the beginning of the level taking note where the zit is
7. since the zits do hunt you, sometimes you'll have to lure them and purposely go to the opposite size of the map you want, wait for them then dash back to where you actually want to be.

i have gotten multiple 20k point games. its infuriating i keep getting between 20k and 21k and stabilizing there, but at the same time despite not measurably getting better i do feel i'm getting a much grasp on the game, its just that somehow that grasp isnt converting to points. it seems the less stupid mistakes i make the more controller issues or bad rng i get and it all evens out to keep me a 20k

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    Hi, Snowflake. You had pretty much covered the tips and tendencies in the above post. Maybe 2 small observations: 1. Don't get too greedy too long at the db cb doors, the Zits like to visit these as well. 2. Go from 0 to 60 right away on run 5, you save a life by beating them to the corner, once you get past that point, turn right and run a few blocks, then stop and take inventory on your map.


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    yes run 5 in particular needs perfection -- or just skipping it ;) run 20 has a simliar issue but you must turn left not right

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    woh, heres fun trivia i randomly stumbled on, Tim, the guy who had the record for 19 years before me and steve was in 1983 the pacman champ. i'm reading the pacman article and like "oh crap i know that name"

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