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11-09-2020 at 11:02 AM
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Thank you Jace

This actually hit me while thinking of the nonsense. quite a drama filled time between election and donkey kong lawsuits

It just hit how much of a saint jace has been, i think we've been too harsh on him
Imagine you buy a car advertised as working fine, but it has all sorts of problems. At first you deny the problems, but everyone points them out, you get mocked, its costing you money. You finally fix the problems. You dont sue the person who sold you the lemon, you dont complain, you just fix it. In the process of fixing it people comment "woh he finally fixed the lemon that all of us already knew was a lemon anyway", it makes the news, not for being a lemon, but for finally being fixed. the salesman selling the lemon gets so pissed it made the news he sues you for defamation, since your repair indirectly gave the evidence that you too thought it was a lemon. You dont sue back, you just try to get the case dismissed, but the salesman is unrelenting. Finally, back against the wall, you counter sue, and then have to put up with hearing how awful you are to counter sue the poor old man whos putting you through all this
and THAT is what Jace has had to put up with while we're all such perfectionists all we see is his flaws. (note i'm still gonna point out his flaws as they come up, every little one, but i felt bad thinking about all this too, and appreciative)
  1. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Greetings all.

    Please know that all of the hard work and support and information gathering that the community has done over time (and continues to do) has been absolutely essential in helping our understanding (as well as the whole gaming world's understanding) of the scope of the true historic TG situation that was sold and what needs to be addressed to improve things. TG is taking it very seriously.

    While we have not been happy to realize all these various and unfortunate discoveries (and learn more and more new stuff each day), we still continue to strongly believe in the promise and idea of what Twin Galaxies has always aspired to be as a record keeper and celebratory entity focused on player achievement - and we will continue to help TG work toward its best potential alongside the entity gaming community.

    The passion and concern of the game community on this topic is well understood. Each one of you are an important member of that community, and we know its hard for all of us to see all this take place.

    Video game achievement is important. TG helps capture its importance so that others might experience and understand.

    I will have some more things to say to the community in the near future after I finish with some of the immediate matters that are at hand.

    Also, as some may have noticed, the TwinGalaxiesLive channel has made a reappearance on the Wall feed page, which is going to allow us all together to start looking at all the old TG tapes that we are in possession of, as well as go over active dispute claim evidence review, and perhaps have interesting discoveries or discussions during them!

    We are currently working on code for the HOME page of TG such that when the TwinGalaxiesLive channel goes LIVE, suddenly the stream will appear large, front and center, on the main homepage (as well as on the Wall feed page.)

    I will dedicating more of my time to TG and my personal commitment is stronger than ever.



  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Well, Snow, haha, finally I don't have to be contrary!


    Your analogy was quite good, not one I had considered but certainly seems to fit.

    That's how I have always felt tho-not necessarily that it was picked up in a "big mess", but things were certainly outdated, and sometimes getting all the parts and pieces together to make it all work and look nice just takes a lot of time.

    Frankly, the community activity seems a bit down lately, but site functionality is mebbe an all time high, since I've been here.

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    thx roger, i'd elaborate even further, but now with jace's comments i dont want to be a buzzkill. thats very exciting indeed.

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    as for the community activity, i blame atariage for poaching our players

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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    as for the community activity, i blame atariage for poaching our players

    No, no-I totally see what you are saying, but it's not them poaching-it's us invading, stomping our big-ole feet all over the competition there!!!


    (I actually conceded/lost in my bracket yesterday, but I swear-they know "we" are a collective force!)

    We'll be back, I promise.

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