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11-10-2020 at 04:39 PM
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everyone stop what you're doing

Tim zerbie is watching king of kong and giving his commentray. This is better than MST3K BkO8E_dwP9w0IincGHzo-kEo3WeXw

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  1. lexmark's Avatar

    This is GOLD.

    can someone PLEASE save this.

    Thanks Bill!



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  2. lexmark's Avatar

    I missed the first half. Seen the last 1.5 hours.

    Would appreciate if someone can tell me how to watch the first half that I missed.




  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    i dont know tim's setting and how long this link will stay valid

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  4. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    I'm glad this guy is finally speaking out. Maybe he'll let us know the real number of times he set the Donkey Kong record.

  5. Barthax's Avatar

    Never seen KroK myself (despite the barrage of death threats we all received as Referees back then) so should be fun. Gotta love the opening describing "Competitive gaming" - there's nothing competitive about comparing scores after games are done: it's "Comparative gaming". This whole scoreboard is Comparative, not Competitive: there's no PvP going on.

    Competitive: 100m event at the same track, same time, same conditions.

    Comparative: 100m at different events or different times or different conditions.


    Watched in full. Love the commentary. :D

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  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    Love the semantics I’ve made similar points but not in those words. It’s also more than semantics as it affects attitude

    competition can be exciting even with sucky scores if it’s sucky historically but best right now. Right now probably dozens of people can beat me in tapped but give me two months training and I’m back. A record doesn’t make you the best right now a record is about history but too many people expect it to be treated like sports events which is about not history but current events

    billy knew how to work this. Someone wanting a record would get an unbeatable dk score as soon as possible that can’t be beat. Someone wanting sports coverage would just barely beat the record to keep it as a current event as they go back and forth beating each other

    Say what you will about billy and Walter but they are psychology geniuses and one such example is tricks like that aamong others to turn a historical record into a current event

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  7. lexmark's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    Watched in full. Love the commentary. :D

    It was good entertainment. I shouldn't laugh, but 14 years later and Tim still has his panties so bent out of shape over that film. Tim needs an agent that is capable of promoting him as the REAL KoK. (from back then)



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  8. Snowflake's Avatar

    Tim actually does have alot of benefit. for a monologue he can be accidentally hillarious and he can also have good info. hes obvioulsy an important part of the history. communication is impossible. he's so sure of an argument that even if you agree with him he thinks you said the exact opposit in disagreement so you can literally spend an hour explaining your on his side and agree completley and he'll call you an idiot and accuse you of saying the opposite. absolutely impossbile to have dialogue which of course leads to giving up and mockery, but yeah those frustrations aside i think we all know he got screwed. so any of my mockery aside, truth be told, i do hope he gets some satisfaction out of all this.

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  9. 90skidJohnny's Avatar

    I don't know the backstory on this, so ill have to do some investigating, but this seems like a really good watch. Im a sucker for commentaries. I found a piece of software that lets me save this, because im worried it will get deleted or something before im able to watch. If anyone is interested the software is called TwitchLeecher

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