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11-23-2020 at 07:15 AM
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Atari Krull rule brain storming

krull is one of those games where accidental leeching can easily happen. the global rules really arent sufficient for this. theres just too much grey area in deciding whats an honest accident, whats on purpose and where the line is. so i suggest we rename the current track "leechfest" and allow it, but then make these better tracks. input and constructive criticism welce

1. Krull -- loving husband.
instead of cowardly allowing the woman you claim to love to be captured just to move on to easier later levels, you fight with your last breath to not let anyone ruin your wedding. your scoring attempt ends at the end of the first phase (the moment your bride is captured).
2. Krull -- princess rescue
In this low scoring adventure your goal is to rescue the princess (beat the game) as many times as possible. Your score is equal to the number of times you succesfully save Princess Lyssa.
3a Point no leeching -- When travelling from the web to the castel you MUST reach the castle, going to the wrong destination will immediatley end your attempt. When fighting inside the black fortress you may only leave in victory or death. Even if you run out glaives, you may not leave, your attempt ends if you do.
3b. like 3a above, except you are allowed 3 mistakes per loop of the game, this will cover honest mistakes and attempt at forward progress

i wrote 3a and 3b like that insteaad of 3 and 4 because i think we should only have one. this is my attempt to fix the leeching rules for the game. i dont think interest in the game is high enough to justify both

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    i see the tagging system only allowing one person tagged per comment messed things up again. @redelf

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    [MENTION=42812]nads[/MENTION] as well

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    and finally [MENTION=460856]Garrett Holland[/MENTION] man i hate this tagging bug. it doesnt always exist at least

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    Hi William! All right? 
    It was in this feeling that I mentioned that here would be the most appropriate place for the question raised by another member.
    I will analyze the suggestions that you have made and soon I will say my opinion. Thanks.
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    I imagine you already know my opinion on the subject, a relatively unpopular one, if a programmer "screws up", it's on them, not me(still on the fence as to whether the folks at Data East had any idea we'd be able to play Burgertime quite as efficiently as we do...).

    That likely contrasts many of my Friends opinions, which I very much respect, and I'm not like, on a pedestal about it, it's just how I see it.

    Main reason for commenting on it, we(Snow) *may* have had a similar experience based on "rules" "changing the game" in the past.

    You mostly played Magic, I did some too, I mostly played Pirates.

    Well, over time, they kept adding things, and adding things, to the point that the games was almost lost, making sure you were paying attention to all the rules(right now, I am thinking of a DM getting "different enjoyment" from an RPG session than the players, keeping them on track).

    It just got to the point that having to pay attention to all the rules got in the way of "playing", I'd hate to see too many "simple/classic" games beset with novel-length rulesets.

    I actually like Krull quite a bit(the Movie. Like Garrett, I don't think I have ever played the game), but the solution for me, on one like this, is just not to play it, I guess.

    Greatest of Luck getting it all worked out, I know I didn't actually "add" anything to the conversation, is just my two cents, I suppose.

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    I see roger has been watching war games trying to tell us the only waY to wIn is to not pla


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    I don't like 3b. All of a sudden honest mistakes become the way to get the record. The players who don't make "honest mistakes" are going to be out of wr contention.

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    ah bad semantics on my part. i dont mean to read minds. what i meant by 3b i guess is 3 shots, 3 exceptions. you can do it on purpose. now, if you do it on purpose 3 times, and plan to then win and do it on accident the 4th time, too bad so sad. you were given a buffer and you blew it.

    I know i like to back and forth and have 2 glaves instead of just the one for a bit of a buffer. 3 should be enough. we could also discussing upping the number. but yeah, i dont mean mistake so much as exception. i agree that an idiot who makes a mistake on accident and a genius who does the exact same move except on purpose should have the same ruling, otherwise bad players actulaly have an advantage since they're allowed to do on accidnet what others cant do on purpose

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    I mentioned some ideas for this in Ulisses' current submission thread (and yes, Ulisses, your thread was the appropriate place to mention the point-pressing aspect of this game, since you used it for a pending submission for the game). One track could simply focus on how many beasts you kill (AKA completing the level), disregarding how many points you have, or a speed run variation in how fast you can kill as many beasts. I like William's idea for a track solely focusing on the first (wedding) screen. It reminds me of the final concert scene in arcade Journey, where you can really point-press the screen (due to a combination of skill and luck), but with both games, you ultimately can't point-press it forever b/c both games will throw out a scenario that you can't complete (and I've tried with both, using emulators and save states).

    The game itself really hits a 'choke' point the 3rd time around (3rd level/round/rack), as the web screen becomes so fast, the fastest (and only?) way to escape the cocoon and reach the exit you need is to first move straight down to the center of the web, which is where the spider usually is.. and it becomes a real random factor in whether the spider happens to move out of the way and give you a chance to live, or it stays right in the center and you immediately die. That's why I mention progressing in the game beyond the 3rd level is near-impossible.

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    I think a good rule would be lower scores and higher levels 
    Or even lower score and level in less time.
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