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11-29-2020 at 12:52 PM
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When did atari Bermuda Triangle become so popular

so i've been working my through my atari collection playing all my games i never played and got to bermuda triangle. dont even have 10k yet just started. kinda cool game actually. i check out the score board, only 3 are pretgsap and tgsap has 11 entries that took the 17k piece by piece up to 1 million. thats alot of entries for what was previously a barely played on game and quite the score increaes too

i'm not ready to talk strategy yet, just curious when this became such a hit

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  1. GregDeg's Avatar

    Its popularity started after it was introduced as one of the weekly games during last year’s Atari Age competition.

    Season 9 ~ Week 14/15/16 ~ It's Elemental! - 2600 High Score Club - AtariAge Forums

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  2. nads's Avatar

    Yep, Atariage is where I first started to play, and I also found it to be a VERY clever game.

    I bought the cart earlier in the year, but forgot about the game til Ulisses posted his run.

    Once you work out the strategy it’s very simple to score high

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    Past 10k now actually 12k I can see the charm

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    36750 made my first sub, i think i'm getting it, but my pace would take 5 hours for your score so theres apparently a bit i'm missing. i'll wait till my score improvement plateaus before studying your game or asking for specific tips, lets see if i can figure it out on my own.

    i do like the dual goals, kinda like defender in that sense. you can get points by shooting (very slowly) or rescuing. or of course both. i also like how some bottom items kill you so its not just blidnly grab anything.

    pretty good game design. i'm surprised it wasnt more well known, or maybe it was and i was just living under a rock. i'm already on my low level seeing issues where it can increse difficulty much cause it has to go from pretty much easy to impossible without much chance in between. faster speed is an answer to everyting i guess, but thats not more strategy just more reflexes so unless something happens maybe the problme is its a fantastic beginner game but not suitable for competiton?

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    45,500, doesnt push me a place up on the leaderboard but does beat me submitted score by 25%.

    my damn insticts, the lazer goes off behind me, and by instinct when i see danger i pull back and hit into it. its a damn reflex and reflexes dont have brains. gonna have to find a way to rewrite my reflexes

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