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11-30-2020 at 08:04 AM
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super low priority request for the back burner

i'd like to see a column for time of record (as a marathoner i care about this even when not officially tracked). This doesnt have to be precise, i'd be fine with it automated where the length of the video is used even though the video isnt all game play, i'd be fine with someone given access like daneil has with images, i just want an estimate.

when i go through atari games looking for the next game to compete on, if the record is an insane amount of hours i have less desire to get invovled. granted, it only takes me minutes to check, so this is a super low priority request, and i'm already working on making my own informal list, just something i thought i'd put out there and see if anyone agreed

again this isnt about competing, this is about info. so a pure points run where time isnt competed on, the time just being a useful metric for gamers to get an idea if they wanna compete on the game and have an idea of what it'll take. since this isnt whats competed on, thats why theres not as much need for accuracy and it could be inputted very informally

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    I see where that would be helpful, but I also see where that would be a LOT of hours/days of work to accomplish, even simply the data input.

    I dunno, Man. Seems lazy, but again, that's where I am torn, as I get along with lazy quite well.


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    Of course it’s lazy or as I like to say “efficient”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    Of course it’s lazy or as I like to say “efficient”

    You spurred a memory, I swear that used to be my reasoning when my Wife would(teasingly)call me lazy!

    I swear that I swear, lol, I really am chuckling.

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    Lazy people work harder efficient peiple don’t

    lasy is when you work less hard now at the expense of working even harder in the future. Lazy peiple long term wind up working the hardest of all

    efficient is what’s long term least effort

    then of course there is the obsessive who work super hard now to save a little effort later being worst of both worlds working as hard as a lazy person long term but also giving up instant gratification

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    That's really how I would explain it to Wife, a Squirrel "stashing nuts". The more I am "ready", and "planned", the less I actually have to "do".

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    If it was just the total video length then it would be easy to get, but I think next to worthless. If I knew that the time it represented was just total video length I would still need to go into each video to confirm how long the actual record took to get.

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    it puts an upper bound. remember i'm not trying to track speed runs or marathons, the use i see (and maybe i'm the only one that thinks this way? in which case yeah this request is useless so thank you for the input) is to find the next score i wanna go for. if i see top score is 15 minutes then i know it can be done in 15 minutes or less. Thats useful to me for quickly finding scores that wont take all day to do.

    with this i can sometimes be sure the game is quick enough to be worth my time, though i can never be sure its too long, before assuming it really is that long yes i'd have to check.

    i find myself satisifed not getting first place, but i'd often like to be top 10 or even top 3, i find myself clicking on first place, and if its quick awesome, and i stop checking, if not i check second place and if it quick awesome i stop checking if not.... and so on and so forth

    this would save me some time in finding which scores wont take all day to do. thats it only limited use. very low priority due to its limited use. this is useless for info on any one game, but its useful for just quickly deciding which game i wanna play next.

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    Good idea Snowflake and one worthy of community discussion.

    I agree with Swaggers on this point.

    One way to look at a solution is to split it in two parts: legacy and future submissions. If this is a data point that TG wants to capture, include it in the submission form as attempts starts at (enter time) and ends at (enter time). The legacy clean-up is manual and will require time (lazy or efficient).

    Of course, there is a risk that someone will enter the wrong time and thus the duration of the attempt will be inaccurate. I would build in some data validation checks to eliminate the most obvious like start time or end time exceeds length of the video submission. There's also the problem of multiple files so everything would be viewed as an aggregate.

    Quote Originally Posted by swaggers

    If it was just the total video length then it would be easy to get, but I think next to worthless. If I knew that the time it represented was just total video length I would still need to go into each video to confirm how long the actual record took to get.

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    Or how about this-

    Just start playing timed games, exclusively.

    Whatever the "top score" is, is exactly how long it took, down to the hundredths and thousandths of seconds.


    Problem Solved!!!

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    i wouldnt want it to be another cause for rejection. if the attitude is casual data is no good, and things must be accurate then i guess scrap it, cause i'd hate to see seomoen submit a valid score only to have it rejected for wrong time, that would slow down adjudication and make alot of unnecessary resubmits. i've been keeping notes on any first place over 4 hours if my list gets more thorough i'll just release that in a wall post then. it will no doubt be out of date rather quickly but will at least provide a rought estimate/starting point for any who take my approach (and yes i know i often find everyting i do is weird so maybe noone will take my approach)

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