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12-31-2020 at 12:01 AM
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fine i'll make this post again

i've reported this bug a few times and each time they fix it by just jumping between two different bugs

the system does not deal well with 2 scores submitted at once. currently, if you have multiple scores submitted at once, the moment one goes through, everyone gets esi based on all pedning and approved scores. since i have one pending and one approved i get credit for both, giving me way more than i deserve. previously when i reported this the fix was to just look at my highest score which is no better if my highest score isnt approved yet.

so here, here is the pseudo code solution to accurately calcuating esi

IF A New submission is approved
Look at all subs in the queue THAT HAVE STATUS AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN "VOTE"
Calculate ESI accordingly
bahdah boom badah bing, you're done, you've graduated freshman programming class.
Else do nothing

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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Would I be correct that time does heal this without engineering effort? So while it is a bug in the moment, it isn't a long-term detriment.

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  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    I've had this happen to me in a couple of games but like Andrew said, when all scores are accepted the ESI calculation is corrected. So yeah it would be nice if this was fixed but at the same time is not that bad of a problem.

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    Yes it’s low benefit but also low effort

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  4. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Or just don't publish pending scores?

  5. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi All

    The issue is well noted . We are working to resolve this issue. Will update once this is resolved

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