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01-04-2021 at 08:16 PM
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Atari Grand Prix manual particularly useful

so i now go back and read all manuals on current games and you sometimes find the answer to what we've been trying to figure out LabelID=220¤tPage=5&maxPages=6¤tPage=3

1. in @GregDeg 's pefromance there was discussion if avoiding slicks is worth it and greg noticed no time difference, the insutrctions confirms oil slicks do not affect your speed so if you're not gonna crash into something from being thrown its wise to not bother avoiding them

2. @nads responded to my comment about TAS's limitation with repeating someone elses speculation heading a certain care may in some wya help things. we now know hitting a car always reduces your speed to less than that of the hit car, so if you're about to crash anyway make sure to hit the fast one

3. theres interseting a world record chart. i dont know if they were just saying they're believed max time, or if this is a later printing that includes records but here you go

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    Just popping in, I guess I do so much that sometimes I miss things about games that are really important to me.

    You know what's particularly useful on Grand Prix?

    Hehe, working with Greg to push the boundaries on the next couple tracks!

    I remember I had started playing 2600 some, Grand Prix was one of the dozen or so games I got w/ my first 2600, and I managed to beat TR's listed time, was proud, in my mind, for the "right" reasons, not nana boobooboo, but "woo, I did it!".

    So I'm 99.9 % sure this, game 1, was my very first 2600 submission.(Not my current time, obviously, I got better...).

    Had known Greg some, Night Driver, couple other things, I like to bug everybody, haha, but somehow we set on a "mission" of sorts to take on game 2 and 3 together-that was a blast.

    Might not seem, on the surface, that there would be that much to "talk about", just...y'know..."go faster", but there really is-as you know, at top speed the random is gone(tho it's never really random), and us(mostly him)figuring out little spots to improve...I just woke up every day wanting to play(my best scores were usually bleary eyed, barely awake yet attempts), and wound up with, IMO, a Best Friend in the process.

    Definitely, a bit "off topic", but yeah, super important game to me.

    Hehehe. Wait till you get to game gotta use the brake!!!


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    I think you’re saying classic gaming won’t make you rich with money but it will make you rich with friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    I think you’re saying classic gaming won’t make you rich with money but it will make you rich with friends

    Most definitely. Good ones.

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