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04-04-2021 at 09:14 AM
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space jockey mini-marathon shortly

just got back from my run, i'm gonna be as fit as jace, so give me a while to catch my breath and i'll start my mini-marathon (7 hour expected)

i'll be streaming on twitch

and for audio i'll be in the unofficial tg discord

its boring so ima finally do the thing where i listen to a podcast. peter schiff. economics that slightly crosses politics but shouldnt be too offensive unless you find lower taxes or criticism of bitcoin (i know i know some bitcoiners will go to holy war over bitcoin so maybe it is offensive) too offensive

but hey thats just to stave off boredom, i'll gladly pause the podcast for live conversation if anyone jumps in.

should be doing this within an hour i'll leave another comment the moment it starts.

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    starting in about 10 seconds just sending out some PMs

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    ended at 800k, had no idea how good gregs scoring pace was when i made my estimate to be simliar

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