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06-02-2021 at 07:00 PM
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Just about done with the early 80s

I tend to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. With my atari controllers (and i supsect atari port itself) being an issue i tell myself "dont start newer games or another system, wait to finish this" but then when its time to play atari "its still broken no point buying no controllers try to work through it " "working through this sucks i quit". and that combo, while any line alone makes sense, results in me doing VERY LITTLE retro gaming

Well, busted my intellivsiion controllers (which i get is normal), the 5200 controllers are inherently awful, colecovision is also problematic but at least i can still do a driving game if i want, atari is out now too, BUT odysse 2 and game & watch still have life in them

So i packed up my atari, hooked up my odyssey 2. I plan to get avid gaming again. i do have a vectrex but i've heard too much play wrecks those controllers and i'd rather preserve them so looks like i'll be skipping vectrex.

when i'm done with O2 and G&W on to enjoy the fantastic graphics of the NES. The early 80s have been fun these graphics seem normal to me again, and i'm just about ready to start being impressed with the cutting edge graphics of the later systems all over again

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  1. Scott S.'s Avatar

    You know I'm an arcade tech by day and a vintage console repair tech by night... right? :)

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    hah, i appreciate that. but when i know i could learn and am just too lazy i feel awkward reaching out to others. For things i truly cant do i'm not to proud to ask for help, but for things i'm too lazy to do i wouldnt feel right. Its an appreciated gesture though.

  3. Scott S.'s Avatar

    Not a problem. Seriously, it's all I do every day.

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  4. datagod's Avatar

    I enjoy this journey you are on, but I fear I may pass on before you get to the SNES. Hurry up bro!

  5. Rickster8's Avatar

    You should get your Intelly fixed and head back over to the Intellivision platform... Just my two cents... :-)

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