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07-01-2021 at 05:53 PM
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A chance to get your name on the new pick axe pete track

i'll fully fund this myself if its not funded tomorrow, just giving others a chance to get in. Currently pick axe point is heavily about point pressing as the later levels are much harder. This leads to boring games where we're forced to spend a long time on the easy levels and then only get a little practice on the later levels. I'd rather rush to the hard levels as soon as possible and learn them. So this track will both measure progress better as well as be a better way to practice for the original track even.!-Deepest-Cavern-NTSC-PAL-EMU-all-merged

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  1. Scott S.'s Avatar

    Now funded :)

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    thanks. i've been taking notes trying to figure out if theres any complex pattern at all to determining the floor holes. I was getting excited, that while some things werent conclusive it did start to appear i might have been on to something, sadly i'm now leaning back again to true random.

    competing for cavern depth will breathe new life into the game

  3. RTM's Avatar

    Listen to what the winner states as far as his strategy...I can't see how this will last DEEP into the game when so many pieces are gone. Gets to the point where an entire row is just about gone. Only the central column has to remain thus guaranteeing a ladder if you are on that level, but if a platform is missing the only thing that is guaranteed is a climb to a higher door/portal which you would be entering at ground level anyway if you had a key.

    Furthest I reached was over 20 stages cleared. You can't afford to stay in a level to hunt for points, only to survive at that point, and when the majority of the bottom two platforms disappear you are very much relying on pure luck of where the pick falls as well as the key as climbing to the top becomes exceedingly difficult. You can pretty much kiss your game goodbye at that point if you jump into a grey door that deep into the game.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i only learned about O2 10 years ago, never knew about it back in the day, learned about intellvision 20 years ago. only atari 2600, 5200, vectrex, colecovision did i know about back in the day. its wild looking at the old stuff realiing O2 was way bigger than i realized.

    a pound of gold is nothing to scough at. quite the prize even by those days prices

    i wish they said the kids score. i think john marks used a similiar strategy, i'm not a fan. in the case of double boulders its a real issue. and as you point out, after even just the first key, who knows if it'll take out the spot you need to stand on

    anyway, for your 20 levels you should submit. the track is up and ready now. i honestly dont know my most levels, i doubt its 20.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    oh, the track has ntsc/pal/emu merged. i realie there may be differences and the competiton may be a little unfair. but O2 doesnt get the love the atari subs gets so with so little competiton i felt merging them was overall the right call. Should the track gain popularity, the regions can always be split later

  6. RTM's Avatar

    Remember that keys travel up, axes fall down. At the top unless you get REALLY lucky with a convergence you will not get an axe, especially deep into the game.

    I am sure by now you have discovered the benefits and pitfalls of the corners. You can stand in the corner when the rocks do not bounce and jump straight up even during a convergence but that is only for singles and doubles. Rocks tumble down so the bottom corners are exceedingly dangerous. The top corner is less dangerous initially but you are nearly defenseless as axes fall downward and there is no escape ladders going badly bouncing rock and you are done with it.

    The key to the game is the lower levels and for the bottom two platforms (game 1) there are certain pieces where if they drop off after the first 4 screen clearances just start's not worth it.

    Playing game 1 stage 1 for duration (i.e. highest score before leaving stage) allows you to experience the rocks at a much harder difficulty and it requires new skills to deal with them in terms of jumping/ducking and better timing. Ladder management is critical. get the key as early as possible so you can focus on axe drops. There is no rhyme or reason as to why some axes disappear so quickly so falling downward over a falling axe is still no guarantee that it will be there when you touch down at the bottom. But practicing this way improves the overall skill in the game under normal difficulty.

    Deep into the game when certain platforms are nearly gone this improves the odds of catching a critical ladder. If at all possible when not wielding an axe or avoiding rocks, stay on a ladder just in case you need a quick escape. But the biggest pitfall in the game is the unwanted ladder...jumping over one or more rocks when a ladder suddenly appears. Your sprite changes if I remember correctly and you are in climbing position thus contact the rock. It's been awhile but I seem to remember always worrying about that happening.

    One of the best features in the game is the emergency door jump. If you have a key, so long as you are in jumping range of the door and wish to exit do so. Even if a rock contacts you the escape is still credited and you live to fight another screen. Just make sure the door does not change to grey.

  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    I agree on most of that.

    some disagreements/agreements with caveats

    what you say about bottom being more safer for singles as well as where things group up is true -- at earlier levels. later levels with the bouncing, rocks can go up a level as easily as they can go down.

    the ladder point has been a real sore point of mine lately. i used to try to avoid having to jump or duck, so i'm quite annoyed that being willing to take on that skill just turns into into luck -- luck you dont hit a ladder. you're right, a ladder forces you to go into position liek climbing, you can fall off it but if you at the point you have to be center. this means
    1. if you're mid jump the ladder will change your body from horiontl to vertial and hit the rock you were jumpoing over
    2.if you're ducking, the ladder will make you stand and grab it, making you hit the rock you're ducking under
    3. if you standing such that you're half touching the ladder you'll be forced to adjust to be center. you can pull yourself off competley, but if you try to pull half way off you'll be pulled back on again. this is a problem when the axe falls such thats its half way off

    so yes not only is it a bit or randomness waiting for a ladder you need, but far worse, is having a ladder you dont need appear.

  8. RTM's Avatar

    I can't seem to locate these again, but years back I happened across two pics of claimed "Pete" scores from was high-6K range, one was mid-7K range. No idea beyond that how these were done as no explanations were provided.

    I have to imagine that much better players were at one point out there but this is now 40 years prior and the skills/tactics may be lost in time save for the blurb from that 1982 competition. If you watched it carefully only a high-700 score was shown, not stellar. I can't imagine the best players flown in from all across the country were only capable of that, but no mention is made of the final scores.

    There is another YT video (search for pick axe pete world's fair) where an eyewitness to the event discusses elements of it, but again no scores mentioned. The interview however is within 2 years so perhaps contact them via YT messaging and see if they respond.

  9. Snowflake's Avatar

    i can believe low "high scores" early on. we've been playing games all our lives, our brains are shaped differently as a result. our lifteimte of games just have some skill transfer to completely differnt names. compare that to someone who neverp layed games, they're ability to learn a new game is far worse. that alone makes scores from the 80s lower. additionally, not only did video games being somewhat newer then make everyone worse at games across the board, but with the particular game being newish there wasnt much time to hone skills on the particular one. and of course another point is kids are well kids.

    anything above 4k is extra hard to believe. if you stay on one cavern as you know it gets super hard. if you move ahead through caverns, that doesnt reduce difficulty unless your average score per cavern goes down. so its not like someone can just twice as many points per cavern as us, that would be useless. if they play that way, they'd be better off staying on the first cavern. the best ways to play are either stay on first cavern all game if you're capable, or progress at about 100 pts per cavern as we do. with only 40 floor pieces to drop, the game will have no more floor pieces after 4k. at that point with no floor pieces left you'd then have to proceed by staying on one cavern. meaning for scores in excess of 4k, i feel staying on the first cavern is the easiest way, lol, butif thats the easiest and the easiest is damn no impossible i dont buy it.

    so yeah unless theres some glitch, or some weird surprsie like a way to prevent floor spots from dropping, i'm immediately dismissing the possiblity of scores above 4k, and fraknly score above 3k i'd be highsly skeptical of.

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