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07-11-2021 at 09:47 PM
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Still working on KC Krazy Chase

so i've accepted and had approve 2nd of 3places (highest tgsap at least and so highest video) but based on the top score it appears to be a maxout that i'm eager to see for myself.

i will say its a shockingly enjoyable game. plenty of frustration and even some cheap parts, but all great games have their annoyances.

the biggest issue is very unforigivng misclicks, there seems to be a delay to cancel an action, so if you went the wrong way, you have a better chance of going with it and then taking a 90 degree turn and another 90 degree than you do of an immeidate 180 degree.

as for strat, all i got is definitely utilize the tunnels

i do now have an informal 400 point game that i havent submited. still working on getting higher. but since 400 points wont change my tg ranking no point in submitting it till i get much higher

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