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09-23-2021 at 09:07 PM
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lets do minestorm math

(note this is alot but i wanted to get it started, will edit and finish tomorrow)

to do the math on max score its worth pointing out
1. starting mines on levels are known. theyall have a "family" of 2 smallter children and 4 granchildren when split
2. some mines have a fireball which can bebut doesnt have to be shot
3. after the last mines appear, but before you destory them, ifyou keep that window open long enough a 1000 point ship will appear
4. the ship will drop new mines, this is the biggest wild card of all, and we need some assumptions on most 'humanly possible" drops
5. youcan die multiple times to restart a level and get most points
6. since each mine family can be calculated, lets first calculate the entire families so as to save time on each level later
110 per fireball

Floating mine family = 100 +135x2+200x4=1170

Fireball mine family= 325+2x360+4x425=2745 without fireballs or 2745+110x7=3515 with fireballs

magnetic mine family= 500+2x535+4x600=3970

magetic fireball mine family =750+2x785+4x800=5520 without fireballs or 5520+110x7=6290 with fireballs

level 1 = 4 floating mines=4x1170=4680
level 2= 3 floating mines + 1 fireball mine=3x1170+2745(or 3515) = 3510+ 2745(3515)=6255(7025)
level 3= 3 floating mines +1 magmetic mine=3510+3970=7480
level 4= 3 floating mines +1 magnetic fireball mine=3510+5520(6290)=9030(9800)
level 5= 2 floating mines + 1 fireball mine +1 magmetic mine=2x1170+2745(3515)+3970=2340+6715(7485) =9055(9825)
level 6= 2 floating mines + 1 fireball mine+1 magnetic fireball mine=2340+2745(3515)+5520(6290)=10605(12145)
level 7= 2 floating mines + 1 magnetic mine +1 magmetic fireballmine=2340+3970 +5520(6290)=11830(12600)
level 8= 2 floating mines + 2 fireball mine=2340+2x2745(3515)=7830(9370)
level 9= 2 floating mines +2 magmetic mine=2340+2x3970=10280
level 10= 2 floating mines +2 magnetic fireball mine=2340+2x5520(6290)=13380(14920)
level 11 = 1 floating mine + 3 fireballmines=1170 +3x2745(3515)=9405(11715)
level 12 = 1 floating mine + 3magnetic mines=1170+3x3970=13080
level 13 = 1 floating mine + 3 magnetic fireballmines=1170+3x5520(6290)=17730(20040)

all summed 130640(142960)


This means the bare minimum score to beat level 13 (losing no lives, dodging all firemines, no mine ships appearing) will result in 130,640. i had estimated close to this number before when i questioned the top scores and if i was missing something.

a little more reasonable score, is next step up. losing no lives except at the last moment on level 13 so you can repeat it for maximum points this is
130,640+5x17730=219,290 I think this is reasonable score to shoot for if you can make it to 13 espeically since even if you lose some lives sooner you can make up for it with the some of the other points this misses

the next reasonable thing is to both allow every mine layer to appear and destroy it for another 13x1000
219,290+13000=232,290 not this is close to paul uborka's 4th place 232218 making me think he pretty much only lost the lives he wanted to

now lets go up to the madman who pulls shooting every fireball -- i think this is near impossible for multiple reasons i want go into here, but this upper limit is
+12,000 (all mine layers)=255,160
but dont forget the mines themselves! assuming 8 are laid as robert tells us (and honestly i think i saw it happen i just shot the ship so short after i didnt really notice it had stopped laying mines) that means 1 family plus one grandparent of each mine a the end of each level

Since the end of each wave has the easiest smart mine (except lvl one which has to use the dumb mine) for the wave as the one laid, across the 13 levels, there are 1 dumb, 5fire, 4magnetic, 3 firemagnetic mine families to take out , or of course, add 5 more firemagnetic for repeating level 13 5 times.

so 1170+5x3515+4x3970+8x6290=1170+17575+15880+50320=8 4945
255,160+84954= 340,114

this number excludes the 8th mine, which you have let kill you on the level 13 waves you die in, so i know go back and add the 8th mine for each of the other waves (including level 13 once) which still has 1,5,4,3 spread

100+5x325+ 4x 500 + 3x750=100+1625+2000+2250=5975

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  1. RMacauley's Avatar

    I'm fairly sure that the 1000 point ship drops a maximum of 8 mines then constantly tries to ram your ship from then on

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by RMacauley

    I'm fairly sure that the 1000 point ship drops a maximum of 8 mines then constantly tries to ram your ship from then on

    awesome, thank you. i wasnt good enough to find out and just assumed it went as far as humanly possible. Do you recall how you know this/how sure you are? I did try, a few times on purpose, and even once on accident (tried to shoot it and kept missing ;)). i dont think i got past 5 without it hitting into me.

  3. RMacauley's Avatar

    Teenage curiosity made me try and survive as long as I could. I'd never heard of point pressing back then but figured at the time "more mines = more points and that's a good thing."

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i was actually debating making a track for that just so i could get the proof but i knew the track wouldnt be useful for long and could even be clutter, so thank you for mooting that.

  5. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    WELCOME BACK William

  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    ok so if all my math above is correct and robert is correct about the 8 post mines max ( i believe he is) then the max score 346,089

    however if you look at my intermedate results along the way and what it takes to reach them, i'm guessing sam is brushing up against the highest humanly possible score still its interesting to know whats possible

  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    oopr transposed a 54 with 45, leaving that error as other erros can have come from it. assumign thats my only error the max gets downgraded 346,080

  8. RMacauley's Avatar

    I just found a Youtube video of Minestorm and I have to stand corrected. The ship dropped 7 mines not 8. 1 complete family of mines.

    Happens on level 7 about 4-5 minutes in

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