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09-25-2021 at 08:30 PM
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Cosmic Chasm and Zelda game and watch

Never played cosmic chasm before yesterday and it hit me it pulls the same stunt the zelda game & watch does that seems so stupid when you describe it, but wow is so effective

Both games are really just the same simple game over and over and over again that noone would ever like. But, rather than just repeat the same level over and over, just have a map, where you say every time you redo the level you're actually doing level in a new room. as you progress through room you make it to the end.

i mean really, for game play how is that any different than just staying in the same room and regenerating enemies over and over? its really not. and the exploration aspect, well with the map shown to you between every level and the map itself not being remotely a maze that requires some skill to navigate really doesnt add thing skillwise. but wow does it add a fun factor. Brilliant!

it makes me wonder how many other games you could apply this algorithm to. If space invaders was treated as happening in some room, and between levels you chose a new room to go to would it be more run?

Missile command i believe each level is a different city right? if between levels there was a map where you chose which next city to drive to and then defend, that would change the gameplay not at all, but would it be more fun?

alot of gimmicks are just that, gimmicks, but man i really respect this one and i'm wondering now why not more games used it. seems like you only have to add a very small amount of additoinal programming, and in return you radically increase the fun factor.

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    Really, behind the scenes, you are simply inputting 1,2,3,4 and 5. These numbers are taken by the computer, some calculations produced, and more numbers returned to you.

    Sounds pretty boring until they wrap it in a screen and give you buttons.

    Your imagination fills in the rest.

    I remember playing some pong clone home console. It had soccer, hockey, tennis, even basketball. It was pong, with more lines. Your lines for soccer represented offence, defence, and goalie. They all moved at the same time of course.

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    well yes, but that computer does the work of converting the bits for you. also, a game is reallly just a rule set. graphics, storyline, arent the game, though they obviously help. (going with visuals, i sometimes wonder if people would play pool if the balls didnt have so many pretty colors, seriously, just numbers, all black and white, i bet the game would get less play).

    so theres the game itself, the rule set.
    the're graphics and sounds.
    this what i'm talking about here htough, i feel is more simliar to a made up backstory than it is to the above too. and hey, alot of games create a back story. did we need to mario was a carpenter in donkey kong? do we need to know hes a plumber in smb and that player 2 is his brother not just coworker? probably not, but i cant deny it helps. still, this particular gimmick of making you feel like you're exploring when you're really not, just so that you can play the same level over and over and enjoy it i feel stands out

    and yeah i know what yo umean about pong. they've done that alot. atari 2600/vcs pong game (maybe it was named pong? maybe something else) does the same thing, tries to call it sports. i think bentley compuvision did the same thing, and certainly "telegames pong sports 4" does it too (you'll like pong sports 4 puts the speaker in the system itself instead of relying on the tv vound)

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    i should've clarified i was talking cosmic chasm for vectrex -- which to my suprise, the vectrex is the original and the arcade was ported from it, but wow, that does look delightful

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