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09-26-2021 at 02:29 PM
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vectrex overlay key

so this is captain obvious probably to a lot of people, but i missed it so maybe others did too.

the vectrex overlays pretty obviously say what each button does, fine and good. but what i didnt realize was that the circle to the left indicators joystick type. four arrows mean 4 way joystick, 8 arrows means diagnoals are possible, a rotating arrow means its asteroids type controls where left and right perform rotation of the character. you'll alos notice a game like pole position that only has left and right just has a line in the control circle to indicte the two directions of the joystick

as another side note. omg, cosmic chasms overlay sucks, part of it blocks view of the count down timer. did the artist making the overlay not consult with the game designer? was it not even tested. i love the game so far, but it needs a custom overlay, the official one just aint cutting it

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