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10-01-2021 at 10:14 AM
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Rip-off vectrex

another game with a similiar overlay to star castle ;) time to cheat!

but seriously. i like the game in theory. you cant die, but the things you're protecting, well you can fail to protect them. its original, its cool. but i dunno i'm not enjoying it, but possbily only cause i'm not good at it.

a quick internet search didnt find any videos that did much good, even the "long play" (freaking liar) was nothing of the sort.

wondering if anyone has any experience with this one.

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    get to 2k pretty easily, cant hit 3k. and its a real "feels bad" like i dont feel challenged, feels more like easy to impossible/cheat shots. i'm sure i'm missing something since much higher scores exist

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