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10-01-2021 at 09:43 PM
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belated happy to be back

I think i came back from my ban without explicitly giving a reason

let me just say, i'm obviosuly happy to be back. but further while banned i NEVER had any ill will towards TG. I understood other forces forced their hand and i totally got it. I did always think one day i'd be unbanned but honestly i thought it was years away, i didnt think it was so close and i was willing to wait

I even filmed some odyseey 2 stuff. my wife asked me why. now sure i knew what she meant but i gave her two answers, one was a semantics jerk taking her words literally but the second was to her point
1. You know i played video games long before I knew of TG right? despite what those arrogants Fs say, i WAS a golden age gamer, i played in the golden age, i just didnt even know tg existed cause it was niche no matter what the revisionists say. and i play games now cause i like games. and yeah i record them caus thats my habit
2. I understand why i was banned, i know its complex, i was never called a cheater, at one point tg explictly admitted it was beacuase of legal reasons and i respect that. So i record my scores, i keep the recrod, and one day when i'm unbanned i'll submt them all. and if i'm never unbanned well i still have the videos and thats pretty cool

any way.. wooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to be back

vectrex baby!
now if i'm to be honest, if tomorrow some alien told me "we're sending you to the phantom zone but you can only have one system" i'd say "i want nes, BUT in graduate school i bought metroid prime, was way to busy studying and never played it to this day, can i have game cube and metroid prime but nes and a whole hell of a lot of nes gmaes".

yeah, before i die i wanna play metroid prime, the games my wife plays (shes 10 years younger, i was 31 and she 22 am i awesome or what, but now i'm 44 and her 35 and before the semantics police kick in part o f the year i'm 9 years older part 10 yearsold woooo). i played wii and wii u only to help my wife on a few key points for her games, man i love her. "bill help me pass this part" "oh baby am i ever here for you" and then she gets mad i say it like that, but whatever

but honestly as much i'm immersing myself in early 80s, lets face it, late 80s was the pinnacle of video games. i've only been immersing myself in early 80s all these years so that i can be super impresssed by late 80s grpahices. you gotta reember video games were meant to be experienced in the year they came out. to appreciate a game you have to know the year it game out and the games beforre it,. i literally wont even look at a game (unless my hot wife asks me too, and she knows only to ask me when she has no other alternative to beat the section) after 1983, cause i try to recentry myself with that mindset so that one day ican replay final fantasy 1 and see the graphics the same way we would've seen thosegraphics then

thats right all my atari and arcade play is just a long game so that i can recenter myself and play nintendo the way it was meant to play. man i loved the 80s!

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    Welcome back.

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    Glad to have you back!!

    I'd say 97% of my gaming experience has been on pre-1998 games but I did play Metroid Prime a few years ago and it was really good.

    To me an arcade just isnt complete without the '85-89 games; Contra, Rampage, Double Dragon, OutRun, etc
    Im not old enough to remember the Golden Age games when they were new, but I do remember many of the late 80's game's when they were the pinnacle of gaming technology. I'll never forget the impression Super Contra gave me when I was probably 5-6 yrs old, the hideous Alien in the attract screen, the awesome sounds, starting off the game jumping from a Helicopter and blasting everything in sight, at a time when 'Commando', 'The Terminator' and 'American Ninja' were playing in movie theaters. Its still one of the coolest visions in my memory hahaha

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    i was born in '77. truth be told, my memotry of arcades, late 80s, is largely the forgotten age

    i remember going to the mall, passing an arcade, wide eyed starring in and my mother saying "look how excited bill gets when he sees an arcade" and well, we kept walking

    my mom called it "junior bar rooms" how ironic, she bascially predicated the barcade. she saw arcades as a cesspool. of course that only made it a forbideen fruit and made me want all the more

    it wasnt until '91 when my older mountain biking friend told me of this awesome game where you could electorcute people (blanka street fighter 2) that i started riding my bike to "galaxy" (i think people forget how common a name 'galaxy' was for arcades) to blow my $5 allowance on street fighter 2. i remeber the weeekend champion edition showed up. fyi, that place was a pet store last time i went to massachusettes.

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    when i went mountain biking to freestown state forest we'd stop for pizza. the pizza place had two arcades, i dont rememeber what the second game was, but one of them was, you guessed it, double dragon

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    Haha yea much of my "arcade" experience wasnt actually spent in arcades. Instead it was places like the Grocery Store, Walmart, the Skating Rink, etc

    That Super Contra memory is from a Bowling Alley (another thing that was much more popular in the 80's) Granted the game had probably been there for a year or 2. My Grandpa ran a gas station and it had a little "arcade" in the side of it with a small handfull of old, often non-working arcade games. Thats where I first played Pacman and Donkey Kong.

    My first experience with Missile Command was in a little Diner my grandparents used to go to after church. I remember Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 being brand new and waiting in lines to play them at the skating rink against the older kids.
    At my local Grocery store 'Rampage' and 'Captain America & the Avengers' sat in the walk-in area, so I would always play Rampage while my mom went Grocery shopping. I remember playing TMNT every time we went to Pizza Hut, Turltes in Time and Terminator 2 and a handfull of other games in the walk-in area of Wal-Mart, arcades really were everywhere back then. It was glorious. Probably not real great for arcade owners though.

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    galaxy had two walking row so i guess 4 arcade rows. i'm bad at guestimating square feet. but i'd say less than 40 games.

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    TMNT i saw one vacation (father was a school teacher with summers off so plenty of cross country stuff), my mother got mad as we kept on putting in more quarters. we brought a friend. i was obedient, but he taught us she wont drive off without so we kept playing. not really a good kid thing to do but man was it fun

    rampage i think of more as a nes game but i did see once at the bowling alley which honestly, the arcade at the bowling allwy was every bit as large and even bigger than alot of arcades.

    terminator 2. my older friend. i kid you not, to this day i think of dishwashers as rich. i know "dishwasher" is used as an insult, but he had a job washing dishes, i didnt. i remember thinking dishwashers could afford to play at the arcade as long as they want. to this day first my fristh though is dishwashers are rich and i have to catch myself. he paid for my games. we kept pumping quarters into t2 until beating it. what a day!

    galaxy did have cptn america and avengers, but i never played it, i did watch the attract, but quarters were tight man, i just couldnt do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    galaxy did have cptn america and avengers, but i never played it, i did watch the attract, but quarters were tight man, i just couldnt do it

    You didnt miss much. Ive been a comic book fan since birth, so naturally I was attracted to that game, but that attraction didnt last more than a few plays. I loved Godzilla and King Kong movies too so Rampage was just as much a thrill, plus it was actually a good game.
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    rampage was the first game i was aware of where you could be the villian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    rampage was the first game i was aware of where you could be the villan.

    I'd argue that Centipede was first.


    Seriously-it's called "Pest Control", not "Pest Kill", there are ways to redirect critters, and killing a bug for doing what a bug is naturally inclined to do seems villainous to me.

    (Messing with ya.)

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    my parents in winter would have pet mice. catch the mice, put them in a cage, feed them till its warm enough to drive them to a field and release.

    though i suspect the real reason its called control not kill isnt for people like us, but rather that people just like using words to obscure what they're ashamed of

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