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10-02-2021 at 08:43 PM
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Game skill growth

so if i play a game alot and dont improve i figure i'm just no good at it. But i learned a valuable lesson for odysse2 ufo and now rip off vectrex

if a game is easy and long, then by the end of each session you've already learned a bit. If the game is hard and fast, by the end of the session you've learned very little

its not so much you get better each time you play as you get better each minute you play. I used to make the mistake i got better with each time, not each minute, and as a result i gave up on hard/quick/few lives games too fast. once i realized a dozen attempts on these games is equal in time to one attempt on antoher game and measured my progress that way, i realized i really was learning as fast as i felt i should.

just someting to keep in mind. cause i was letting myself get discouraged falling for the trap of thinking practice is per game. now that i realize its per minute these games dont discourage me, i dont give up, and i learn them as well as any game

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  1. lexmark's Avatar

    If Anyone can master a game in less than ten years of a lot of effort(thousands of hours play) then the game has NO depth= easy! ?



  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    video games arent chess. It sometimes a semantics debate if the people who predicted video games were a fad were right, because all those games that existed when they sad it was a fad, were fads. anyone game is a fad. anyone game people get bored from (a few people hanging up to the fad of their youth doesnt make it not a fad). video games themselves will last forever, they'll always be new games for us to bounce from and to. but any one game in particular? card games and chess is what lasts forever

  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Yur definitely right, for the most part(did I really say that, lol!?).

    What seems impossible becomes second nature, sometimes pretty quickly.

    Current example, a silly one, but the motorcycle racing game I am playing on XBox-the first 20 minutes or so, I deemed it unplayable, it was just too damned hard to even keep the bike on the road.

    I'm not GOOD now, by any means, but controlling the bike, which IS difficult, is a fun/doable task.

    Advanced guitar stuff(which I am not really motivated to do well, tbh)is the same way, you pretty much start out thinking "impossible", but then as you piece it together it's second nature.

    I usually learn to do something new and interesting musically, practice it until I prove to myself that I can do it, and...then forget it entirely, haha!

  4. kernzyp's Avatar

    Fads are common slang for the masses who don't care about the fad in question.
    Cabbage patch dolls are not a fad to the collectors, just ask any Brony.
    Is Space Invaders a fad if I played it today, and 40 years ago? Only to the non players.
    As I play games, get a record, then never play it again, our skill for that particular game, even though transferrable, is a fad, too.
    Some shoes are a fad, but shoes in general, not.
    You being allowed on here again, may be a fad, too??? ;)
    Yours faithfully,
    King Faddydaddy.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    the word does have a bit of a pejorative connotation to it i suppose

  6. kernzyp's Avatar

    No fads were ever designed to be a fad.
    I blame the motherfadders who never fadded up.
    Glad I was too old for a faddygotchi.

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