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10-03-2021 at 10:32 AM
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Thats right another vectrex post

so i didnt film since i was stabilizing at 2k, and only 3k and 4k once, but today (my prior game being last nights 4k) i hit 13k, well past the 8k record for vectrex "rip off". time to start filming!

i did find video of mame version. I gotta say @D.B. Cooper i know you offered help on solar quest, and i was aware of your love of asteroids, but then i saw your name for rip off as well, and i never saw the pattern before, but is there a reason you like vector arcade games so much?

(13140 if the resolution is too bad to see)

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  1. D.B. Cooper's Avatar

    Because they're cool :) Probably because I'm old and when I was a kid most of the cool games were vector games. Never really thought about it before. I'm not a big fan of platform games and don't enjoy beat em ups or fighting games at all. Vector's tend to be space shooters and I guess that's just my favorite genre of old arcade games.

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