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10-04-2021 at 02:38 PM
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Solar Quest leeching question

so this is aimed at the vectrex version, but i would suspect it applies to arcade as well.

if you stall too long a ghost ship appears for 3500 points. This seems to be there with the intention of stopping slow play so the designers without doubt had stalling in mind so its hard to imagine they didnt forsee leeching. i just experimented getting 10 in a row before getting bored it doesnt seem to increase difficulty much. I believe it would fit the definition of leeching, but still, with such an obvious method of leeching i was surprised the rules didnt explicilty rule it out or explicilty give an exxempton.

anyone aware of older discussion/rulings on this?

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    i guess my posts dont quite fit the culture here

    ok, i'll make the next one about how vectrex used their platform to push the round earth narrative. All these space games are nothing but an excuse to make us take for granted the earth somehow isnt the center of the universe. games like solar quest in particular would have us believe stars are actually other suns. B.S, if a star isnt just a pinhole in the nights curtain, then how come when i look at it with binoculas it doesnt get any bigger? yeah thats what i though, criquets -- which also dont exist. what you think are crickets are just government drones to spy on us. centipede and millipede also try to push the narrative that insects are real and not just government drones, sickening.

    and while i'm at it, why did these games all cost money? are video games developers all secret capitalists? i could see one or two games costing money, but when they all coincidentally cost money, and of ten in the same price range of each other no less, you know you've got a conspiracy on your hands.

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    On the arcade version, the ghost ship will kill you. Likely very quickly. I can't imagine being able to leech them. If you watch my video, on the first couple of levels I don't group and nuke. That's because it takes too long to group and the ghost ship will come out and kill you. It's also why this game can't be marathoned. Somewhere around 400 to 450k the ghost ship just comes out no matter if your stalling or not and then your game will end. It sounds like they made the vectrex version much easier.

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    As for if it's leeching, from my perspective it all depends on if you can do it forever. The argument for saucer hunting not being leeching in Asteroids is because you can't do it forever. The small saucer will eventually shoot or run into your remaining rocks and therefore you will be forced to move to the next level. I'm not sure if this is the same case with your Solar Quest hunting.

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    just made it to a think round 4 it was, and yeah, the ghost ship then comes out rapidly and deadly so in that regards it sounds like its the same later impossiblity of the arcade it would appear. but on the very first phase if you leech it its pretty easy. of course, for all i know, since i see it got hard later, maybe if you leech long enough the point value triggers some difficulty eventually

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    So, we figured out that this isn't leeching, and evidently you are a Flat-Earther.

    Didn't see that second one coming, but I actually know another genius who is too, so...OK.


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