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10-18-2021 at 01:16 PM
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I swear i wasnt cherry picking the easy ones

so my vectrex update, i actually picked some of the titles i was less interested in and had less esi, figuring if i get them and save the best for last, the second half of hte climb will go easier

woh was i in for a shock.

it appears the remaining titles are much harder competiton than i thought.

Currently on spike -- my reason for buying a vectrex and the game i loved as a kid. While i'm happy i made it further than ever before, and i believe peak difficulty, so i get to see the challenges i didnt previously see, dang, its some hard stuff. annoyingly so.

i might even take a break and go back to my quest of the elusive 960,001 for atari kaboom, but not quite yet, still gonna put alittle more time into spike and scramble.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    Kaboom is a fun game that transcends time. I played on a cabinet version in Florida (gorgeous homemade cabinet) but the lag was significant which made top level play impossible. lol. As if I could ever do top level.

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i've been working on how to make it easier to plan for an exact score.

    the peak difficulty is 8 pts each, 150, for 1200 points.
    dopp down one and its 7 pts each 50, for 350 (on the flip side if you drop 2 down to 6points and then up to 7 its 100 of them for 700 points)

    350 mod 8 (remainder divided by 8) is 6 (or -2, point of view). this is very convenient cause if the score is multiple of 8 away from the score you want you will land on it with the 8 pointers. now with the 350mod8 being -2, it means as long as your remainder (mod) is even, you at most 3 groups of the 350/7points away from being in psych. further, in that time since you need ot miss an 8 pointer to trigger the 7 pointers you can also plan the exact amount of points you need to grab from the 8 pointers before missing so that when its all done you'll be in perfect psych

    but oh no you say, what if you're an odd number away. well bright side is, drop to 6 pointers after getting only 1 7 pointer.

    theres likely more efficent ways to get your exact s core, but this is probably the easiest to remember. i find in strategizing its not enough to be best or easiest, is has to be best or easiest you're capable of pulling off, and i think this makes it possible.

    obvoiulsy mathematically theres very easy ways to plan for an exact score, but good luck pulling that off for real. my above situation might seem to over complciate things, but it actually makes the exectuion easier than other methods which would seem simplly

    960,001 here i come!

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