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10-19-2021 at 08:37 PM
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vectrex spike

ok i got low 30ks a few time. i THINK thats peak difficulty, but i'm not above admitting i need help.

some frustration points
it appears if you jump on a ladder and climb to the top you take a brief dip as if theres no ledge there even if there is as opposed to if you started at the begining, annoying, whatever

the exit door on the far left, you can both grab the door AND die, whatever i guess just dont put the door there

is the answer really patience. annoying, leeching approaching patience? just stick around forever until you get the bow and then sprint to the end (note kinds reminds me of q*berts qubes, get the green freeze ball and then win real fast, or lose)

@The Evener @Dane Gill @RaGeNyC @Rogerpoco @voodoo_chilly

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  1. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    I went in "gangbuster" style on my submission. Patience, and being on the verge of leeching is the way to go. Henrik and Dane had the right idea.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    in retrospect, do you think leeching is a non issue. I feel it is, because if you purposely pass up the bow you're screwed, and on the flip side waiting as long as you need until you get it is fine.

  3. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    in retrospect, do you think leeching is a non issue. I feel it is, because if you purposely pass up the bow you're screwed, and on the flip side waiting as long as you need until you get it is fine.

    In the early stages, you could just hang and keep accumulating points without much danger. Even on the later stages, it's harder and there's danger, but both top scores (imo) were flirting with leeching. Ultimately, they didn't. Check out their subs. It seems like they were unstoppable, until they had to move onward, because they knew leeching would be an issue.
  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i guess i was thinking leeching is fairly low point value versus copmleting, and since you cant take bathroom breaks, the slowness would be a factor pressuring you for more speed. on the early levels all the more excuriatingl slow

    sounds like you're telling me to get to 20k then leech ;)

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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Not touching this with my ten foot pole.


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  6. swaggers's Avatar

    I'll put this quote from @Jace Hall himself.

    I'm tired of leeching and what is and what isn't. Just get the high score however you can and if people don't like it then they can make a new track with better rules. Not anyone's fault games were designed poorly. (Well the designers themselves). Of course that is all my opinion and not the rules so good luck getting it through adjudication.

  7. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    For the record - that statement was before the Global Rules and Guidelines were put in place.

  8. Snowflake's Avatar

    i apprecaite the help guys, but i think my question to rage (who of course others can chime in on) may be misunderstood

    most leeching arguments come from one side correctly pointing out it doesnt fit the TG definiton of leeching and the other side effectively arguing its against the spirit of the game, but since they call it leeching instead of spirit of the game theres a real "talking past each other" issue.

    in the case of spike it is leeching, however, even though spirit of the game violatoin dont make something leeching (its a different violation) spirit of the game can justify leeching (think bonus rounds where you're suppoed to drag it out long as you can).

    i read the rules, delayed playing the game cause i hate games with leeching rules and all the grey areas created. but spike was my favorite vectrex game. so i finally played it. now that i have a more thorough understanding of the nature of the leeching i honestly do think its fine to allow. i wanted to discuss strategy and if the warning in the rules about leeching is even needed

    i dont forsee a big adjudication debate.

  9. Snowflake's Avatar

    oh dang, thats rage, good call having me watch again. paying attention to point on each level and number of levels, i've actually made it a few levels deeper a few times, just "leeched" less. and that was my own lack of patience. i was in a spot where i should've stayed around waiting for the bow and lost patience. so i dont even have to try to play games on "how much can i get away with" i just have to stop getting fed up and taking risks!

  10. The Evener's Avatar

    Spike is a great game, glad to see you're playing it, Snowflake. On the leeching issue, I would just keep pushing. In my own case, I found myself having to loop back due to a last second obstacle or missed climb. On the next outing, I'm not going to worry so much about my gameplay getting viewed as leeching and instead try to compete and keep moving forward understanding that there'll be occasions where I'm looping back because the way ahead gets blocked, etc, and let the chips fall where they may - if it's good, great, and if not, I'll try again. :)

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  11. Snowflake's Avatar

    level 1 -- just fiinsh
    level 2-- the bouncer whatever his name is
    level 3 -- the lander, whatever his name is
    levler 4 both of them
    level 5 -- level 4 but harder
    level 6- kill an eemey, reverse platform direction
    level 7 -- level 6 but faster

  12. Snowflake's Avatar

    here's where i'm old man yelling at cloud. man young people dont get how cool voice is

    spike talking. genesis "rise from your graves talking" fucking awesome

    very emotional. i know later genertaions wont get it. but it makes me tear up a little

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