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10-30-2021 at 07:55 PM
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Back to playing for fun

my vectrex seems to have developed a werid bug. letters and numbers (so including score) are extremly distorted to the point of unreadable but everything else in the game is playable. This is across games, all other aspects of the game are fine, so i guess whatever handles the characters imaging is in the system not the games and its damaged. I can still play, practice, have fun, but no way those are getting approved. even if someone could figure out the score, the bug in score display begs the question to other issues. and since it is still playable for fun the only reason to buy a new system is to submit tg scores, and i'm not spending money just to get leaderboard recognition.

so still playing vectrex, but unless it turns out i have a local friend that'll let me set a record when i'm good enough looks like i'm out of vectrex competitoin for now.

still had fun, and hopefully the system lasts for gameplay itself till i finsih the library. i'm pretty close to being done with vectrex anyway, not a particular large library, still, i would've liked it to last a little while longer

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I believe there are tuners inside the unit that might help with the display?

    I am NOT sure, by any means.

    I believe it's similar to the fine-tuners on many arcade monitors.

    I took the back off mine once, can't remember why("for the heck of it" is a good possibility...), it wasn't that scary, but I just don't remember for sure about those tuners.

    I'm sure I've heard of this happening before, you ought to look into fixing it before you abandon scoring.

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Careful of the Flux Capacitor inside tho, pretty sure it stores energy, we don't need a melted Snowflake...

    Again, could be wrong, could look it up, but I really thought it had calibration knobs inside for some reason.

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