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09-05-2017 at 09:48 AM
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€16 Madcatz Tournament Edition Stick (X360) restore part 1

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This past saturday I spotted an auction on Facebook. The auction was for an untested Street Fighter IV Tournament Edtion fightstick by Madcatz. In the description it said that the stick itself had sunk into the case and that the dustwasher and balltop were missing.

I thought to myself, "the bracket that holds the joystick is welded on, so the dude probably tried to mod it somehow while changing the buttons (the green ones) and gave up?"

So I sniped the SH!T out of that auction and won it for 120 danish crowns ($19/€16) including shipping.

The picture above was the state the stick was in when I took it out of the packaging.

First impression was that, yes, the dustwasher and balltop were indeed missing. There was no rattling from inside the case. It was dusty, the top bolts were slightly rusted and the small hatch that holds the usb wire was missing.

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I wiped cleaned and wiped off the case before I opened up the case. I took off the top right bolt first and noticed that it opened a big gap. The top panel is metal and probably bent or something inside the case was pressing onto the plate to make it do that.

Got the stick open and this is what it looked like.
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The stick was secured tightly onto the bracket BUT the bracket which is welded had come off the top plate? After closer inspection I could tell that the stick had been under tremendous pressure. So much pressure that the plate on the joystick had bent and eventually the welds broke!?

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Everything else looked like it was ok though. It's still the stock Sanwa JLF arcade stick, which is a phenomenal stick, and the original buttons had been swapped out for green Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons.

All the wiring is intact, so I decided to plug it into my PC and see if all the inputs worked in the device manager. It did!
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In the picture I was holding a bunch of buttons while taking the picture, but button 9 was sticking, so I will have to take them apart and clean them.

No easy fix as I initially thought. My dad is a welder though, so when I go visit him I will bring the plate and bracket so he can tack it into place again.

For now I'm just happy that I scored this stick for €16 which normally goes for atleast €120 on eBay. Once welded it should be ready for battle. I put on a dustwasher and a green balltop to match the buttons, so here's a sneak preview of how it might look when all finished.

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And after looking at the stick like that for a while I got the crasy idea that this might be the perfect oppertunity to make this a custom stick. The green stick and buttons really reminded me of my old Sega New Astro City I once had.

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So my plan is as follows:
1. Get my dad to weld the bracket back on.
2. Buy new allen bolts for the top plate.
3. Create 300dpi artwork inspired by the Astro City control panel.
4. Get the artwork printet as a giant sticker and apply it to the plate.
5. Paint the top plate bezel white.
6. See if I can find a replacement hatch for the usb wire compartment.

If anyone knows where you can buy a replacement hatch or other parts for the Madcatz Tournament Edition, please let me know.
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  1. YesAffinity's Avatar
    Nice score! FYI, Focus Attack has replacement bolts if you're looking to do away with the old rusty ones. (M4 x 12mm pan head)
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  2. spectre's Avatar
    Nice! I think they're just regular allen head machine bolts. Thanks for the measurements, that will make them easier to find :)
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