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02-08-2018 at 12:48 AM
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Have to start somewhere!?

Crazy Taxi routing is quite the puzzle and it's hard to even know where to begin to unravel that mess.

I decided to just list how many customers that are at each location and how many drop offs I have at each location according to my spreadsheet.

Now, keep in mind that the spreadsheet is made up from the colors I ideally want at each location. This might not be the best but it's the colors that I'm looking for. So let's see what that gives me.

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I tried to group it together in general areas. The green is where it looks good while red is the where I will encounter problems.

From the University all the way to the Cable Car Bottom it evens itself out. When I run out of customers at the University I drive forward to pick up customers at the Cable Car Top.

Now the Beach area is a huge problem that I'm not sure how to solve. The Beach area all the way to the church, like half the map, all the customers want to go forward if chosing the right color. Despite this I will be at a 19 customer deficit in this area.
Parking Garage area evens itself out and I again encounter a 8 customer deficit at the church to stadium area.
That means, in theory, I will have to drive from the beach all the way to downtown area to get customers!!... 20+ times!

Downtown area looks good with a surplus of customers and Bus Terminal area and Fire Station area also doesn't look that bad.

Now, this is purely a # of customer vs dropoff scenario. The game wont play out like this, or atleast, I've never seen it play out like this. RNG in the game will try and mess you up and sometimes you just have to chose a different color customer than you want. And even then, when chosing the right color, in some cases, it will give you a backwards fare. I've experienced this in the Hotel Area.

Next I will see if I can make a best case lap scenario and see where that gets me. Will also try and record a playthrough so I can play it back and see what I need to improve on.

Stay tuned.
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    Began writing down laps on a spreadsheet and crossing off destinations and it got tedious real fast. Did 7 laps and stopped writing. Did the rest without writing anything down and it quickly became apparant that I would empty out the stretch from the park to down town about half way through!?

    That's a long stretch without a customer and you lose a lot of time. I don't think a route can be mapped like this? I think the game was designed to make choices on the fly, a couple of backtrack mistakes and it all works out in the end?

    I will have to record a run, compare that to my spreadsheet and see in which areas the remaining customers are.
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    I've only played the game out of generic interest in playing something - not to work it out. Are the destinations static? You mention "backtrack mistakes" - is that the gamer mistaking something, your route intentions being in error or the route changes by the game?
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    The majority of the customers are static, their color, indicating their destination is not.

    A few customers are always present at a set location and always the same color. These are surefire customers that always want to go to the same place. It's less than one customer on average at each location.

    Then there's a few customers who will not be active every time you reach a location. There's 2 customers at the top of the steps at the clothing store for example. Sometimes they wont appear and sometimes only one of them.

    The rest will always show up at their respective location but their color will be random, Red-Orange-Yellow-Light Green-Green. Most of the time a specific customer will stick to 2 colors, typically orange or yellow.

    If we take the two customers at the bottom of the steps at the clothing store as an example:
    when they're yellow they want to go forward but if they're orange they want to go backwards.

    Some locations you can figure out who want to go forward by their color pattern. There's an example of this at the Bus Terminal and the Fire Station.
    Let's look at the Bus Terminal example:
    There's 2 groups of customers at this location. 1 group in the drop off zone and 1 group on the other side of the fountain.
    You want to notice the color of the 1 group in the drop off zone. They form a triangle, North, South and West. 2 orange and 1 yellow. The yellow customer indicates which customer in the other group that wants to go forward. So if West is Yellow, the West customer in group 2 wants to go to the Tennis Court (forward).

    I have memorized all that. But if my memory slips and pick the wrong color I'm forced to take a trip backwards.

    On top of that, even though you choose a customer with the right color, there's a chance it will not give you a forward fare as expected. I've had a couple instances of this but only in the Hotel Area.
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    Great explanation, thanks. That's a lot more going on than I thought there may be!
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