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02-15-2018 at 01:16 PM
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Top 50 / New PB / Broke Crazy Taxi?

Was playing a game of Crazy Taxi tonight to try and figure out an approach to pickup all 245 customers and I accidentally broke the game? Did something so that the camera freaked out and I had to restart.

Got a new personal best with 207 customers and $88,776.94 and that puts me IN TOP 50 BAYBEH!! Well, top 30 is hacked scores so it's actually top 20 :D

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On top of that, the weekly leaderboards are off the charts today!? Usually there's around 500 people playing each week but right now there's 1712 registered scores? I believe the game is free tomorrow the 16th for Gold Subscribers so maybe someone (Asia) already got their hands on it?

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playtime count is now: 24 hours
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