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02-17-2018 at 02:34 AM
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Crazy Taxi - Latest run analysis

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From my new PB run yesterday, I've listed above the customers I missed and their location.

4 University (2 orange and 2 light green forward)
2 Cable Car Top (2 yellow forward)
4 Cable Car Hill (4 green forward)
2 Cable Car Bottom (1 green and 1 yellow forard)
2 Sea Side Market (1 yellow and 1 light green forward)
3 Water (3 light green forward)
1 Beach (1 orange forward)
2 Park (2 orange forward)
1 Church (1 orange forward)
1 Heli Port (1 yellow backwards)
2 Police Station (2 red)
8 Downtown (4 red and 4 forward)
1 Hotel Area (yellow forward)
2 Fire Station Hill (2 light green forward)

The start area is clearly still a problem. I potentially had 6 rides from the top to the Cable Car Bottom. From here I could have backtracked a tiny bit and cleared out the Cable Car Hill and the Cable Car Bottom. Backtracked and cleared out the Market and Beach.
I had a lot of red customers downtonw, short trips that stay downtown, but I was saving those as I thought I would get passengerless rides across the freeway.

The number of laps around the map I thought I needed was 20, as that's the total of fares available at university + cable car top. I have 16 customers, if chosen correctly, that gives you a fare across the freeway, so that means you have to do 4 passengerless rides across the freeway.

Turns out that in my latest game I only actually had 14 rides across the freeway total as 2 customers gave me backwards rides. And I got over 200 customers anyway.

There's 2 things I need to work on.
1. Figure out the Fire Station Hill as it feels like a 50/50 gamble if you get a forward fare or not?
2. Figure out a strategy to systematically clear out the Downtown area. There's 44 customers and it's easy to lose track of who you picked up, and where. All the while when you have to make a lot of decisions along the way when plan A, B and C fails.

General strategy so far for Downtown is to go for the light green customers (6) first. Maybe pickup whoever is red to get as many of those out of the way as soon as possible?

I will keep pushing. There's a lot of RNG in this game but I have a firm grasp on it and have a good understanding on the mechanics to make qualified guesses when I pick up customers.

I would like to try 1 game where atleast all 16 customers take me across the freeway. I think in order to pick up all 245 customers you will need the game to cooperate a little with you.
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  1. timmell's Avatar
    is there footage of your runs some where? I really interested in seeing these runs, sounds so amazing.
  2. spectre's Avatar
    I didn't record my latest run as it was actually just a test to try out my theory of how many laps around the map I needed but it ended out being my best run.

    I did however record the run prior to that, which I also submitted here on TG.
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