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04-22-2019 at 11:15 PM
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Crazy Taxi - back at it

I'm slowly but steadily getting back into Crazy Taxi. I still have the map memorized but the customer colors/rules are a bit hazy still.

The reason I picked Gena was because this was only meant to be a practice run, but it turned out to be a PB run. I beat my old PB by around $350 but had 20 customers less?

Next step is to figure out in what order to clear out each area so I don't end up with long stretches without customers in the endgame.

  1. RTM's Avatar

    You might wish to send JC Padilla a note on Facebook and see if he can share some insight...he knows the game inside and out as far as the arcade course goes.

    I have found through personal experience in both watching submissions and also my own meager efforts ($72-77K range) that the span from the top of the hill to the park and back seems to be the back-and-forth "endgame" that most performances tend to end up with, I'm not sure what the optimal path is after all these years but when the clock starts counting down the last thing you want to deal with is "out of the way" passengers such as those that are under water or on top of structures, etc.

    The stretch from the police station to the baseball stadium and heliport is best to complete early on as that is the toughest to deal with when the timer is winding down. And from the firehouse to the tennis courts is a section where you can lose a LOT of time due to collisions, so maybe it is reasonable that the starting point hill stretch is saved for last.

    But talk to JC...he knows the secrets to activate the "rare" passengers as he calls them.

    To my knowledge the maximum is 240 passengers...I have never seen anyone go beyond for the arcade game (or the Sega DC translation). If a way DOES exist to "recycle" the passengers that would be some discovery indeed.

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  2. RTM's Avatar

    PS, great score with $92K !! That's a lot of scrambling to get that far into the game.

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  3. spectre's Avatar

    There's actually 245 customers total on the arcade map. I think it might be possible to go above this as I swear that the red customers at Crown Arena and Osmus Hotel respawn. I don't have any video of this so I won't say I'm 100% just yet. Highest I've seen is 238, which is damned impressive.

    I'm trying out different things right now to try and figure out how I should approach everything. My theory is, for an "all passengers" run, you would like to end up in the starting area with pickups on the beach and cable car hill. In my PB run my endgame was the Downtown area and I did fares across the freeway and no passengers back to Downtown wasting 20-30 seconds each time, which is not optimal. I also cleared out the Beach and Square Park area very early on so it was hard to get passengers from the Cafe all the way to the Heliport.

    There's 16 oppertunities to go across the freeway with a passenger, so I will try and figure out what's optimal to do with 16 laps of the map and end up on the Cable Car Hill for the endgame. Everything should be cleaned up on that final 16th lap so that you only have passengers in the Beach and Cable Car area.

    Will keep practicing and figuring things out. Just by writing this reply I just had an idea I want to try out ;)

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  4. RTM's Avatar

    I'll send a note to JC asking him what he can share...how did you find out it goes to 245, that's news to me !!

  5. spectre's Avatar

    I counted them ;)

    12 at University including the 3 at the bend to Cable Car Top
    8 on Cable Car Top
    1 on Sail st.
    1 on Fresh st.
    9 on Cable Car Hill
    5 on Cable Car Bottom
    3 on Sea Market
    3 on Beach Street
    3 on Beach Sand
    5 in the Water
    2 on the Corner leading to Yacht Harbour
    1 on Yacht Harbour
    6 at Cafeteria
    12 in the Park inner Diamond
    5 on the Park Outside Diamond and road to parking garage
    1 in the Parking Garage
    5 at Levi's Store
    2 at Record Store
    5 at KFC area
    5 at the Church
    6 on the Hill to Heliport
    6 at Heliport
    1 on hill to RB Station
    11 at RB Station
    10 at Baseball Stadium

    -- FREEWAY --

    3 at police station
    5 leading to Sky Bank
    3 at Sky Bank
    5 leading away from Sky Bank
    5 leading to CT Hospital
    3 at CT Hospital
    5 leading way from CT Hospital
    3 at Boarders Paradise
    3 at Theatre
    8 at inner cross
    1 on roof in inner cross
    2 at Mall West
    2 at Mall North
    8 in L shape past Crown Arena
    11 in L shape Past Osmus Hotel
    4 in inner cross
    12 at Bus Station
    10 at Lookout Tower
    6 at Fire Station
    12 at Fire Station Hills
    6 at Tennis Court

    I sent PJ a friend request on Facebook

  6. spectre's Avatar

    wait it might actually be 246! I forgot the guy, in the diagonal alley in the Crown Arena / Osmus Hotel area, that want to take a long trip to the Tennis Court

  7. Ragequit's Avatar

    Yeah that's one thing i always wanted to know...can i run out of customers? What happens if everyone was picked up and dropped off at their destination? I wonder if that has ever been done?

  8. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    That is great news man, I knew somebody had some excellent runs on Crazy Taxi and posted them some tme ago but I couldn't remember who, now I know it's you.

    Crazy Taxy is one of my all time favorites, but Im not very good at it and I want to learn from the experts but most of the runs in the Dreamcast leaderborad are approved by referee and there is no video available. Im very happy you might be submitting a new PB soon.

  9. RTM's Avatar

    Highest run that I personally approved was either 240 or 238 customers back in the day.

  10. spectre's Avatar

    I do believe that you can run out of customers and I think you will just sit there with your remaining time if you manage to get them all.

    @Pixe Sukola I have a $86k score up with video if you want to take a look

    First step is to get familiar with the map. The Downtown area can be tricky at first.
    Then you want to figure out what customers want to go where depending on colors. There's a lot of areas with clusters of customers that you have to pick when the combination is a certain color. This is the hardest part to memorize as there's a lot of customers in the game and no rule of thumb for the clusters.
    And finally it's planning a route and perfecting the Crasy Dash-, Stop-, Drift- etc. techniques.

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  11. RTM's Avatar

    I wish that I had on tape JC Padilla playing arcade mode. He did three (3) things which were just amazing...

    1st - he was going so bloody fast between the baseball stadium to the police station that at some point midway there he collided with a vehicle and was propelled VERTICALLY...I am not making this up !! We were looking downward at the roadway below...I'm amazed that the program was able to draw that but it did. All was well once he landed. I'm sure if you ask him he would remember this moment QUITE well !!

    2nd - he literally pushed the limit break on the crazy dash to the limits...the sound he was able top get that car to make while driving was a higher pitch than anyone else who I watched playing that game in the arcade. He did so while flying down the big hill at the beginning and pretty much flew the entire way down to the bottom.

    3rd - I was timing his attempt of the "Crazy Attack" mini-game from the Dreamcast...from what little I remember, he reached the checkpoint after the baseball stadium a good 10 seconds faster that the then-world record holder, and he finished the overall a good 15 seconds faster. He lost some ground on the way upward from the fire station to the tennis courts, but I have to believe that with practice he could CRUSH the Sega DC record for the "Crazy Attack" mini game !!


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