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05-01-2019 at 10:02 PM
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Crazy Taxi differences

I've had the oppertunity to play Crazy Taxi on both GameCube and Xbox 360, back to back, and I've started to notice some subtle differences that might affect performance and gameplay.

After playing the GameCube version for a while I took a small break on my couch and decided not to walk back into the other room to the GameCube. Instead I reached for the Xbox 360 controller and fired up Crazy Taxi on the big screen in the living room.

Here are the differences I noticed:

1. The soundtrack is different, obviously, but I had to mention it. It's kind of weird to play a Crazy Taxi game without Bad Religion and The Offpsring. The new soundtrack does have a couple of tracks I really liked though.

2. The Xbox 360 version is true widescreen, so you have more of a view to the sides. This can come in handy when scouting for customers, but it was not something I noticed gave an advantage.

3. The cars feel more fragile, especially Gus, who's the heaviest cab and shouldn't be shunted around a lot. Despite that I was turned around 180 degrees several times by the moving vans. I don't remember that happening to me in the GameCube version?

4. The turning is more twitchy? This is especially noticable on the freeway. On GameCube it's easy to do precise steering input so that you stay on the median in the turn so you get Crazy Combos going between vehicles. This is almost impossible on Xbox 360. It's like there's a little deadzone or that it goes to full turn too early?

5. The Crazy Dash and Limited Cut doesn't feel as fast? I played around with this for little bit and found that the timing is different compared to the GameCube version? It's not as strict? And on top of that you can do the halfass limiter cut by just pressing up and gas, which was introduced in Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller. So maybe sometimes I execute the halfassed version instead of a true Limiter Cut because the timing is different?

Then it dawned on me... The Xbox 360 version of Crazy Taxi is a port of the mobile device version that's available on Android and iOS. Those games are great ports but are not comparable to the GameCube version.

There might be more differences I haven't picked up on but for my practice sessions going forward, I'll strive to stick to the GameCube version.

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  1. Ragequit's Avatar

    Sigh...i remember this game fondly as the last great game i ever played at the arcade before the arcade scene started dying.

  2. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    Great analogy of the game, on one of great video racing games.

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