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09-02-2021 at 08:25 AM
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New speedrun PB on Kung Fu (NTSC)

New personal best on Kung Fu for the NES. Haven't played the game since June where I had to take a break because of summer holiday, 2 live events and 4 arcade tournaments lol

Played a few games yesterday to shake the rust and then this happened today. This puts me 12th, maybe 11th overall for this category

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  1. Fly's Avatar

    The biggest time save for you will now be finishing levels with less health. Sounds scary!

    GG on the 3:39!

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  2. spectre's Avatar

    yeah, the fischer price strats are over. Now I'm working on low health strats and when I've got that down it's on to the final stretch of learning the expert strats to gun for that WR

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