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12-17-2018 at 11:47 AM
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Atari 2600 frustrations

I'm seeming to have a hell of a time, to get a nice, clear Atari 2600 capture.

I'd like to stay away from modifying it, so once it's all sorted, I can also stream my pong systems.

No matter what I use - my VCR, my Sony TU-1041U, or my TV (it can convert it to composite directly), I'm just getting a fair amount of interference.

I've tried multiple RCA to Coax adapters, even tried a male RCA to Coax, and using a RG6 coax cable.

That seems to give me the best picture, but it's too large to fit into the Atari 2600 casing.

It's really strange too. What looks amazing on my TV, looks very meh on the capture. And it seems like on its own, it'll just get worse (or better). I have used multiple Atari 2600 RCA cables as well.

I have an A/V modded Atari 2600, but the picture is too dark. I also have a S-Video modified Atari, but it also has a pause switch installed, so I don't want to use that for submissions. On top of that, the S-Video mod doesn't like any of my upscalers. It likes my Avermedia C027 S-Video directly, but then I need to use software deinterlacing.... and that is left to be desired on OBS.

I have a heavy sixer that I need to install my cap kit on. Maybe I'll do that and have better luck with the B I G S E X Y.

Why couldn't I pick a normal console to want to stream on Twitch...

  1. ILLSeaBass's Avatar

    What windows app are you using to record? If you are using OBS, create a new filter, I think "Color correction" is the name and fudge around with that and your A/V 2600. You can +/- brightness and a few other settings. If it's too dark to play on your screen, adjust the brightness settings, etc. I've had to tweak those out a few times and it's not bad, not perfect, but playable.

    There's no getting past the crappy RF issues from my experience...

  2. Squirrel!!'s Avatar

    Finally got something going.

    I found a post on AtariAge, saying that if you get the eBay Composite Video mod, and you run it through a VCR, it will brighten up the screen.

    It did exactly that.

    It works on my splitter, and everything looks proper.

    Finally, I can start chasing scores, instead of banging my head on hardware.

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