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03-01-2021 at 01:48 PM
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Question for all: If I load additional games on my NES or SNES classics that are not included in the original console, can those be submitted as records on here?

A game like Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball is not on the SNES classic as a preloaded game. If I added the rom, played it and won by 50 runs in a game, could I submit that as a record for that game on tat system?



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  1. Blackflag82's Avatar

    In theory you could. There would need to be a track set up for that specific game on the console. However, I'm not familiar enough with the systems and how a rom would be added to know if this would be a problematic mod or not. Others with more experience on the systems could chime in on this

  2. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I feel like this has been done before, and any non original games loaded to the system were tracked as emu?

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    pretty sure it got rejected on account of the console itslef being modded. my memory is hazy. I think it was a ryan genno @starsoldier1 submission, perhaps he remembers better.

  4. starsoldier1's Avatar

    I had a modded Wii with emulators on it but I don't know if it's the same issue as adding more titles to mini console since the entire list of games on there is already considered emulation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    pretty sure it got rejected on account of the console itslef being modded. my memory is hazy. I think it was a ryan genno @starsoldier1 submission, perhaps he remembers better.

  5. sdwyer138's Avatar

    No, not Ryan's submission. NES Classic and Intellivision Flashback were what I was thinking of.

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  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    the flashback wasnt really a mod which of course begs the question if thats the case here too. the flashback was a rasberry pie put inside the shell of a flashback. i understand theres some grey area of "how much can you change before its no longer the same thing" but in that case the only original thing was the plastic casing. though for all i know the mod being talked about here is the same sort of thing.

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  7. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Yeah that was @Rickster8 and INTV Flashback that was actually a Pi. If you added roms to an NES/SNES Classic it would technically be running on the same "system" just have additional ROMs. If you had to modify the system somehow to get it to recognize the added ROMs then that may cause questions. If not and it just operates like a Classic with an expanded library, I would be inclined to think it would be acceptable on the Classic platform. I'm but one adjudicator, but if the only thing that needs done is dropping games into a folder I'd say go for it.

  8. Blackflag82's Avatar

    @ST3Retro can you explain more about what you'd be doing to add the games not originally on the console so folks can know what it is you'll actually be doing

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  9. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Ah that's it then. My mistake.

  10. ST3Retro's Avatar

    Thanks for the comments and the feedback. Essentially it is like adding games to a console. I'd use Hackchi 2 and download roms onto the console and play them. I do understand tracks would have to be made. Anyone can do this. Here is an explanation to what I mean:

    You can also use Hackchi on SNES Classic. Basically its just adding a library of roms to the system - similar to a raspberry pi. Sounds like this would be acceptable then right?


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  11. Barthax's Avatar

    There's no reason why not for a track designed well enough. As others have alluded to, if the game is not of the original classic console then it would be prudent to explcitly mention the workaround as being permitted in the rules of the track (avoids confusion at the outset).

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