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05-13-2018 at 03:47 PM
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Possible Dispute

So I was playing some Kevtris and going for the score of 22,240 pts on EMU - Zero-Out - Skill 3 by Tom Duncan (of all people). After many attempts, I came within 1000-1200 pts within the score. At first, I really couldn't believe I could be that far off of his score. So I decided to make a TAS and try for the best possible score. With the pieces I was given, I managed to get 21,570 points.

I cannot see how an extra 670 points can be achieved. When holding down and having the piece go straight down to the bottom, you get 80 points. As the pieces pile up, there are less points to get. The lines I made in my TAS are what is supposed to be done to get the most possible points off of the lines. An extra 670 means more big drops to the bottom. Seems very unlikely due to how many pieces pile up over a 40 line game.
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    I'd like to get some thoughts from others before I actually raise a dispute.
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    You're full of wisdom sir.
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    I managed to TAS a 22,270 score.
    Looks like this score is going to be so ****ing hard to beat.
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    As perfect as I can make it, here is the 22,270 TAS. Score beats Tom's, but that proves Tom's score on this track is near perfection.
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    Doing actual attempts, I average around around 20,500 on good runs.
    I have yet to crack a 21,000 score, let alone a 22,000 score
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