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10-11-2018 at 10:36 AM
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Finished Hyrule Warriors Legends Submissions

I believe I submitted for every single Hyrule Warriors Legends Adventure Mode track. All 983.

Thanks everyone for adjudicating and taking a look at what's currently in review!

Thanks @Siliconian for creating the tracks and putting up some good times for most of the tracks!

  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Exactly what every game needs: dedicated players. Congrats, Matthew. :D

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  2. Siliconian's Avatar

    Well Done Matthew, it is a fantastic job. I hope to take back new attempts in the future.

    I am looking foward for [MENTION=34606]TWIN GALAXIES[/MENTION] recognize our time creating tracks to push new players submit records for the website, sometimes my requests not have answers and it is so sad.

    When I was a referee, the entire Sega Master system tracks in the database was created by me, MAME tracks, RPG tracks, fix track errors, fix track rules, all this done with love in my free time.

    Tranks from Matthew Felix, Brandon Kelly and others about the new tracks is very gratyfing, bring fun and new challenges is cool.

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  3. Desidious's Avatar

    I've got 3 more difficulties to go with Gods Eater Burst but 100s of more tracks and submission for many other Monster Hunter games. Keep up the great work!!

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  4. Desidious's Avatar

    By the way, the queue is getting huge with more people becoming active. It is seriously daunting.

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