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08-28-2020 at 05:10 PM
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Zelda: Link's Awakening Rule Clarification Needed

Hello everyone,

I've been working on a Zelda: Link's Awakening speedrun for TG, and I notice the rules say "Save & Quit Technique is not allowed."

For those that don't know, pressing A+B+Start+Select at the same time brings up the Save+Quit screen. This can be used to skip text boxes over an entire run.

So is bringing up the save screen that's banned, or is quitting the game that's banned?

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    Starcrytas, you determined that the track originally permitted Save as it was done by Ryan Williamson, and a dispute was accepted removing Ryan's score. Are you still advocating for a rule change to permit Save? From some of the hyperlinks below, a rule proposed by FirebrandX permitted the inaugural record holder to "define" the rules if they weren't defined already, and Ryan used save/quit from what I gather.

    You may have already read these, but here are some hyperlinks that may provide more context and save/quite and skip text? (see post #5 to start) (see post #92) (text skip discussion - see post #41 and #43) (first post, seems to be outline of original rules for LA for GameBoy)

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    From my dispute:

    In the forum post on page 3, post #23, Ryan says he used using save/quit on his speedrun, which isn't allowed by the current rules.!!

    I see @Tompa agreed on banning Save and Quit.

    The dispute was made because "Save & Quit Technique is not allowed" and since Ryan's run used Save & Quit, it should be removed or make a new category.

    Seems like the overall agreement in the other forums was banning Save and Quit as a savewarp to save time.

    TheSilentAssassin (former speedrunner TSA) had some issues with how runs had some conflicting rules.

    Quoting from one of the forums:

    "The only reason the Link's Awakening category allows them is because Ryan set the record before any settings existed, and the rules were formed around his run."

    Now it seems like with Save+Quit banned, runs are being tracked differently

    "What happened is the rule to let innaugural setters have say on rulings is interfering with how the records should be tracked. While I do think a standardized setting system like you and Mr. Vovata have been writing up for all these games should be used in the future - the current records and any submitted/pending records shouldn't be held to any other standard."

    Now that I think about it, maybe Ryan's time should be reinstated and have the rules updated to allow Save+Quit as savewarps to save lots of time.

    My question was if using A+B+Start+Select could be used to skip text boxes. An example of this is used in this speedrun at 2:28 into the video. I couldn't get a clear answer from the forums.

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    My view on S&Q warping has heavily changed since that post. I'm strongly for it in all purposes for all runs where it saves time. The standard category for both ALttP and LA ban it, which to me really doesn't make much sense. It's an obvious technique in the game, it saves a lot of time, most of which is backtracking, so why not use it?

    But obviously, it can still be used to skip text boxes, you don't use the "S&Q technique" you just bring up a menu.

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