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12-09-2020 at 10:05 AM
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Guinness World Record Update

Hello everyone,

I reached out to Guinness a while back about some records, so they told me to get it updated through TG.

I later PM'd @Guinness World Records to see if they can update my records, and no response.

Finally, I reached out to Guinness again, and found that they no longer monitor the GWR records on TG anymore.

I guess this means setting records on the GWR tracks just count for TG records and ESI, no longer qualifying for a certificate.

  1. timmell's Avatar

    They don't honor TG's word on this guy, why would they care about anything else done here. I'm going to burn my GWR certificates as fire starter when I get rich enough to start burning DK cabinets.

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  2. Tuffy64's Avatar

    Wow...What a bummer. My DBFZ record is now redundant.

    Cheers, Guinness.

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  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Guinness was rocky with TG when I first got here. Then the Billy Mitchell situation happened. Do you suppose Guinness will remove his record if it's found in court to be cheated....not that that is the courts purpose but you get my point.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    considering people compete on these with false hopes i feel there should be some update. locking isnt fair, cause then the people with WR count there cant be touched. i'm not really a fan of deleting tracks either as thats unfair to the competiors. perhaps just a warning in the rules box to let people know?

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  5. Desidious's Avatar

    Are you surprised, Matthew?

    I don't even hold Guiness in high regards since their bending the knee bs.

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